Kutools for Excel v.5.10

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Kutools For Excel Saves A Lot Of Your Time While Working On Excel

Brief Introduction
If you are fed up exploring batches of white sheets and cells, or baffled by renaming dozens of workbooks individually or stomaching from continual performances, specially while addressing graphs, tables, report card and so forth, Kutools for Excel is what you require right now. In addition to the normally employed procedures that Excel features, it raises and adds more innovative subprograms for easy operation. For instance, you will be able to mix table and cells, get rid of blank cells, and batch functioning with a mouse click in Excel. Kutools for Excel is without doubt an astounding convenient add-in to save your time and sweat. Kutools for Excel admits more than a hundred all-powerful purposes and tools for Microsoft Excel. It exempts you from time-consuming procedures.

Key Features
Tools For Viewing:
• Navigation Pane augments Excel with an absorbing characteristic which allows you to easily take a glimpse at each and every workbook, worksheet, and flip-flop between all of them. You will be able to drag and drop the Navigation Pane to whatever location you like on your functioning area, and it could be actuated to hide out or display with a mouse click.
• Work Area Size tool is rather convenient while you require to promptly minimize or conceal the Ribbon, status bar and the formula bar for a big functioning space.
• An accumulation of tools permits you to rapidly display or obscure the workbooks, worksheets and ranges.
• Toggle settings component permits you to  promptly toggle switch any of the following backgrounds: gridlines, horizontal and vertical scrollbar, row and column headings,  sheet tab key, status bar, formula bar, full screen display and so on. Save your time from searching where to toggle any of the preceding settings. It is completely executed interactively, and so you will be able to view the trailer prior to committing to it.
• Set scroll space component is handy for you to circumscribe the in view space of your worksheet to just that which has genuine data.
• It permits you to promptly conceal and unhide all the passive worksheets of the dynamic workbook with a mouse click and if you have opened up multiplex workbooks in Excel, this tool permits you to rapidly unhide or hide all the additional passive workbooks with one mouse click.

Range And Cells Modifying Tools:
• Range Randomize Utilities tool permits you to rearrange the picked out cells in a haphazard fashion. Pick out a cell or multiplex cells arbitrarily and introduce a succession of whole numbers every which way you like.
• Change Sign of Values utility tool allows you to convert entire negative signs to positive; change complete positive signs to negative and inverse the sign of every values and you do not require to employ a method for working on the above processes.
• You will be able to promptly switch the cells or ranges on the comparable worksheet, on dissimilar worksheets or contrasting workbooks. The arranging of cells will besides be swopped, and the swap procedure does not impact the formulas in the 2 ranges, and they retain relating to the original cells.
• Transform Vertical Range utility in Kutools for Excel could assist you to metamorphose a vertical column into rows employing multiple columns.
• Text tools allows You to easily alter case of the text, add text to the commencement, conclusion or at an assigned character location of the text; get rid of characters from the first, final stage, or at a designated character location from the textual matter; polish off blanks from the textual matter; take away characters of an exceptional kind from the textual matter.

Operation Tools:
• Kutools Calculator can execute more than ten kinds of mathematical process. You will be able to easily call back a measure from a chosen cell for counting, and paste the computing final result into a particular cell. You will be able to besides employ the keyboards to manage the calculator for functioning.
• Operation Tools executes basic mathematical processes in cells, like addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and so on.
• Unit conversion tool allows you to promptly change over measurements from a unit to a different one in your Excel. It backs up the following measurements: Angle, Bits, Distance, Energy, Force, Volume, Liquid, Time and Temperature.
• Currency Conversion tool is a convenient currency tool, which lends you an agile way to exchange more than fifty currencies in your Excel by employing the most recent rates of exchange from the dependable online site. You will be able to easily change over a single value or bulk values from a range cells, and acquire the up-to-date rates of exchange at any time by updating from the authentic internet site.

Editing Tools:
• Select cells with min or max option tool doesn't just pick out the minimal or maximal measure in a designated array of cells but besides attends the precise spot of the minimum or maximum measure.
• Select specific cells tool offers you with the alternative to pick out cells or whole row from an assigned range that meets specific standards. Once chosen, you will be able to employ additional processes like erase to the cells or full row.
• There is also a tool that picks out all cells on the agile worksheet with formula that raises an error value.
• Choose cells with the identical formatting from array cells according to the arranging of the base cell or the base cell properties. Generally you will be able to employ this tool to see how many cells with the corresponding formatting of the base cells. Once selected, you are able to alter the font size or color of the chosen cells.
• Easily format textual matter as superscript or subscript in a cell utilizing the superscript or subscript formatting tool. You will be able to even enforce the Bold and Italic properties and the case for alphabet characters. It is a complete tool for you to work with numerical or chemical expressions in Excel.
• Promptly implement shadowing to alternate rows for a range cells in a worksheet from employing the Conditional Formatting and classic formatting to amend the legibility of your worksheet in Excel, and you do not require experiencing how to employ the Conditional Formatting and accepted formatting.
• With date tool you are able to arbitrarily enclose a formatted date into a cell, or construct a quick alteration the formatting of prevailing date.

Workbook And Worksheet Tools:
• Merge workbooks tool allows you to merge specific work sheets of different workbooks into a single workbook.
• You will be able to take snapshot of the current workbook that you are suing with the help of track snap feature at any given point of time with just a click of your mouse.
• Copying full path of the workbook that you are working at, opening of the folder of the active workbook, configuring option to open specific workbooks while opening Excel next time, synchronizing and sorting worksheets, renaming manifold worksheets and may more workbook  tools are available in Kutools For Excel software.

With more than hundred different tools like worksheet manager, workbook manager, view tools, delete tools and so on that is made available in order to provide the necessary comfort for an Excel application user, Kutools For Excel software is a really handy and a very convenient software to possess in your computer.
If you are looking for a perfect tool that will save a lot of your time working on Excel files, then Kutools for Excel software will be the apt one for you.

Publisher's Description

Kutools for Excel includes more than 120 powerful functions and tools for Microsoft Excel. It frees you from time-consuming operations.

Part of features are as follows.

1. Snap: Save Snapshots of Current Workbook, Restore Snapshot.

2. View: Navigation Pane (just like in Word), Change Work Area Size, Reading Layout (help to quickly browse huge amounts of data), Toggle Hidden Columns/Worksheets Visibility, Toggle View Setting, and more Show/Hide features.

3. Range Converter: Merge/Unmerge Same Cells, Flip Horizontal/Vertical Range, Transpose Table Dimentions, Transform/Swap Ranges.

4. Content Converter: Multiple Date Format Recognizer and Converter, Currency Conversion, Unit Conversion, Spell Out Numbers.

5. More Range Features: Combine Columns/Rows/Cells without Data Losing, Round Without Formula, Fill Cell with Displayed Value, Compare Ranges, Prevent Duplicate Entries, Copy Multiple Ranges at Once.

6. Select: Multiple Ranges Helper, Interval Rows and Columns, Merged/Max/Min/Error Cells, Specific Cells, Cells with Format.

7. Insert: Title Rows, Blank Columns/Rows, Date Picker, Sequence Number, Range Randomize Utilities.

8. Delete: Blank/Hidden/Visible Rows and Columns, Web Controls, All Macros, Charts/Pictures/Lines/Objects/Shapes/Boxes in Sheets.

9. Text: Remove Spaces, Change Case, Remove by Position, Reverse Text Order, Add Text, Delete Characters, Replace Accented Characters (in Custom List).

10. Formula: Exact Copy without Changing Reference, Convert Formula Reference in Multiple Cells, Replace Range Names.

11. Workbooks: Merge Multiple Workbooks, Split Workbook...

12. Worksheets: Split Range into Multiple Sheets, Sort/Rename Multiple Sheets, Create List of Sheets Names, Create Custom Sequence Sheets, More...

13. Import/Export/Print: Print Multiple Columns (Save Paper), Print Current Page, Insert Paging Subtotal, More...

14. More Features: Find and Repair Broken Links, Change Comment Shape and more Comment Features...

More than 120 advanced features for Excel. Kutools for Excel includes more than 120 powerful functions and tools for Microsoft Excel. It frees you from time-consuming operations. For example: Merge Multiple Workbooks, Merge cells/Rows/Columns without Data Losing...

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  • Kutools for Excel
  • 5.10
  • 28 Sep 12
  • Detong Technology Ltd.
  • WinXP, WinVista, WinVista x64, Win7 x32, Win7 x64, Windows2003, WinServer, Windows Vista
  • Shareware
  • 6.51 Mb
  • 8931
  • $19.00
Latest Versions History
Version Date Released Release Notes
5.10 28.09.2012 More than 120 features and tools
4.00 15.04.2012 More than 100 features and tools
1.01 21.01.2011 New Release

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