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Complex Table Filter Filter by wildcard Filter by multiple criteria, nested conditions Filter blank, duplicates, invert Filter Max, Min Roll-up Better than Pivot Table or SubTotal Select cells Select cells by complex conditions, wildcard Select Max, Min in range, by row, column Expand selection Sorting Sort by more than 3 levels Special sort by text, length, color, style Random sort File Links Break broken links, clean up link error Extract Extract valid emails Extract visible rows in filter, subtotal result Find & Remove Duplicates - Dedupe Remove duplicates by table match, key field(s) filter, quick extract Do Access in Excel Access-like query, join, aggregate in Excel Table / List Join (merge) tables, lists Match tables, fuzzy match Combine (append) tables, sheets, files Split table into sub tables Transpose cross table to list Convert Values Convert date to Weekday, Month, Qtr, Year, Hour Convert data type to Text or General Convert to Upper, Lower, Proper Case Round up/down, Trim Convert range, sheet, file to value-only Delete Delete blank, hidden rows, columns, sheets Delete rows by intervals Row Intervals Insert, delete, copy, select by row intervals Fill Fill blank cells in a range by values or linear series (interpolate) Fill a range with random values Fill a range with fixed values Median Roll-up (pivot table) with median Median in selected ranges Mix & Combine Sets Mix sets of cells to list all combinations Table Column Append before/after column Trim spaces Combine columns Split column by delimiter or length Count cell text length Shift columns Random Random sort, select Fill range by random number or date values Count of Unique Values Roll-up (pivot table) with count of uniques Count/Extract uniques in a range

Complex Table Filter Filter by wildcard Filter ...

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  • DigDB for Excel
  • DigDB
  • Windows XP, 2000, 98, Me, NT
  • Shareware
  • 1.06 Mb
  • 406
  • $59.00

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