CXLBatch v.1.0


CXLBatch can process Excel files in batch. CXLBatch implemented the following features:

Property: Two types of document properties can be defined in this dialog: buildin and custom. For building property, only two kinds of actions can be applied: Clear all and modify. For custom document property, two more actions are added: Add and Delete.

Font:Font action includes Font name, color, size, bold italic and underline settings

Replace: Replace action will find some specified value and replace it.

Chart: Chart action can insert chart sheet and chart object ibto excel files.

File conversion:File conversion action can convert Excel file to other format and verse vice.

Print: Print action can print large amount of spread sheets or many workbooks altogether.

Sheet/Chart remove action can remove sheet or chart with specific name. If in one workbook only one sheet/chart is left, this sheet/chart can not be removed.

Formula: Formula action can insert formula into worksheet or workbook.

CXLBatch can simplify your routine work by having all the repetitive job processing in batch, it can fulfil multi-file single action, multi-action single file or multi-file muulti-action task in very short time.

excel, batch, convert, data replace, formula, font, chart, document property

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