TaskClarity v.2.02.0339


Update 587 A "Save As" function has been added to the File menu to make creating copies of projects from within TaskClarity easier. Update 604 Moved the "Export to Excel" function to the "File" menu under a generic Export/Import menu item. Update 603 Reduced size of side toolbar icons to 16x16 to accommodate larger range of users with standard size display. Horizontal bar was left at 32x32 as this has not presented a problem. Update 602 Reschedule function was not writing out complete audit records. This has been corrected in this release. Update 594 Under expected conditions, when Outlook or TaskClarity are terminated, the trust between the two applications is closed normally. If Outlook is terminated abnormally, then the trust would remain in an undefined state and could cause a problem if a new Outlook instance was started and then a drag/drop operation from the new Outlook instance occurred. Programming was added to verify the health and status of the current Outlook instance before replying to a drag/drop request. Update 593 In the circumstance where a project file is being served on a network, a user might move the file while another person was using it. This would cause the "connected" process to have an error on the next update. Error handling has been improved to restart the process in this circumstance. Update 601 There is a Microsoft-based bug in the calculation of the Note datagrid function. This is evident in very specialized circumstances where resizing of the columns in the notes section causes a new column to be displayed. The datagrid was modified so that "fill" type logic is used rather than horizontal scroll to obviate the Microsoft bug. This will be removed after Microsoft has corrected the datagrid calculation logic.

Update 587 A "Save As" function has been added ...

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  • 2.02.0339
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