SSW Team Calendar for Exchange 2000 v.7.5


SSW Team Calendar for Exchange 2000 7.5 is created to extract calendar information stored on your Microsoft Exchange Server and makes it available on the web. Managers and staff have an an up-to-date schedule of appointments for all mailboxes on Exchange simply by using their web browser.If someone rings for an employee, instead of running around the office to see whether a employee is in, out to lunch, available or not, you can quickly and easily open up SSW Exchange Team Calendar and view where everyone in the business is. Furthermore if you are a manager and wish to assign some work to an employee, then you can see what an employee is doing, and what they have planned, then make a informed decision to who is able to complete the set work. Employees can easily configure and manage their calendar using Microsoft Outlook or on the web. As soon as the user has entered the task in their calendar, it is available in SSW Exchange Team Calendar. Previous methods of displaying such information was using: Graphs and lists in ExcelA database in AccessA public calendar in Exchange Server Regardless of the method, keeping an employee task list on track and up to date has always been a time consuming practice as most methods involve re-entering data. This tool allows you to see everyone in the office's calendar all at once so there is no need to go fumbling though each users calendar to see who is free. Major Features:You can see how busy everyone in your office is.You can see where and what employees are doingYou can assign/edit calendar events to employees that they will see in there MS Outlook calendar pageEmployees only have to keep their Outlook calendar up to date and the results are instantly available in Exchange Team Calendar.Supports palm pilot, Win CE, Outlook Web Access, Outlook.Private calendar items and Free time items are not displayed.No client settings are required.Requirements Microsoft Exchange Server 2000 with Service Pack 3 or Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 (running on the same machine as the SSW Exchange Team Calendar .asp pages)Microsoft IIS running the SSW Exchange Team Calendar .asp pages.Employees using Microsoft Outlook for their Calendar OR Microsoft Outlook 2000 or 2003 Web Access via a browser.A single Exchange Server setup. Multiple Exchange Servers are not supported.

SSW Team Calendar for Exchange 2000 7.5 is ...

  • SSW Team Calendar for Exchange 2000
  • 7.5
  • SSW
  • Windows 2000, Windows NT
  • Trial
  • 2.8 Mb
  • 205
  • $499.00

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