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Proper Employee And Assignment Management Is Easy With Leader Task Company Management Software
What Is Leader Task Company Management Software?
Leader Task is a perfect system for employee management, duty assignment control, and plan. It incorporates all the essential characteristics for easy employee management imparting and checking assignments, doing work over the local area network and the World Wide Web, functioning in the self-reliant modality, mutual access to documents and connections for employees, chat, e-mail, watching employees' calendars, and centralized data file warehousing. Leader Task Company Management tool is employed to effectively check the workers across the network, allot jobs amongst employees, fix deadlines, supervise the progress, check the outcomes, hold your client database, maintain the history of dealings with collaborators and also stack away corporate data.

Features That Propel The Software
The Leader Task Company Management software is a boon for company owners as it will provide them the option to check on the work carried by each and every employee from time to time and will give you a clear cut idea of how the employees spend their working time. The program covers time exhausted while functioning with applications, jobless time, time passed on internet sites; it groups applications and situations by classes such as work, online, leisure time and so on. Produce an incorporated information surroundings in your company where your workers would have centered access to data files, documents, mentions, inter-group communications. Allot chores to your employees in Leader Task Company management software and you are able to experience a clear-cut overview of projects, allot jobs to employees, supervise their advancement, and have the entire account of alterations in chores, projects. Leader Task permits you to observe the human relationship history for clients, collaborators and links. Handlers can function with clients: bring them to the shared database, attach documents, and compose messages. The superior all of the time has the kinship history close at hand.

The managing director can check the employees' line of work calendars and depute jobs as per these calendars. Allotting the jobs of a project amidst executors and folks accountable for them is carried out easily with this software. Looking at the positions of projects instantly, perfect dominance over the project progression are easily achieved with this software.  Leader Task has a full-featured mail service client, you will be able to interchange messages with clients, sort out your mail, employ message templates, see the message chronicle. You will be able to synch jobs with your mobile instrument and always get the listing of your tasks with you. Employees could use instant messaging to interchange messages, files. Simultaneously a basic chat and a project chat are accessible, which is highly handy for talking about some specific project. The discourse history is maintained and accessible for everybody taking part in the project. It is feasible to orchestrate teamwork both thru the local area network and thru the cyberspace. You will be able to handle employees from anywhere in the universe where you will be able to access the World Wide Web. It is highly favorable when you are out of business office or on a business travel and it is as well helpful for preparing the teamwork of distributed agencies or arms.

Benefits Of Leader Task
• With Leader Task, you are able to supervise your business organization from anyplace in the globe because It functions all of the time and everyplace.
• Just in case you've no online access, you will be able to precisely exercise with complete accessible information - all of it would be automatically synchronized as soon as you link up to the cyberspace.
• No hastiness, rich predictability, more modest hazards, clean-cut sight of the position for the director at any time, a lot of free time, employee management from outdoors the office thru the online are the features that will help you to have a more efficient management of your employees and business.
• More efficient teamwork from your employees and fantabulous corporate discipline as everyone is well informed of what he or she has to do.
• All the essential data is stacked away on the server and you get a system of contrary accession rights for employees and is extremely secure as well.

Leader task Company Management software is the perfect tool that a business owner can utilize to properly monitor and control the assignments and check on the office activities of his or her employees, extract more work out of the employees and increase productivity, keeping intact your corporate information and distantly control your employees even if you are out of office.

Final Verdict
If you would like to effectively manage your business and your employees all the time even if you are not in your office, then Leader Task Company Management software tool is the ideal one that will help you run your business more effectively and easily.

Publisher's Description

LeaderTask is a system for employee management, assignment control, project management. Contains all the necessary features for comfortable employee management: giving and controlling assignments, working over the Internet, working in the autonomous mode, shared access to projects and contacts for employees, instant messaging, viewing employees' calendars, centralized file storage.

LeaderTask is used to effectively control the employees over the network, distribute tasks among employees, set deadlines, monitor the progress, control the results, maintain your customer database (a CRM system), keep the history of relations with partners, store corporate information.

With LeaderTask Company Management, it is possible to organize a virtual office, which means that the employees will be able to exchange tasks and text messages (chat), have shared access to projects, see other employees online statuses, assign tasks to each other, see the progress in projects. And all that taking into account that all team members can geographically be anywhere. The most important thing is access to the Internet.

What you will get if you use LeaderTask Company Management:
1. Increased efficiency of the manager: no hectic activity, predictability, lowered risks, the manager can see the exact picture of what is going on at any moment, more spare time, controlling employees from outside of the office via the Internet.
2. Increased employees' efficiency: no I forgot, I didn't know, I didn't have time, less delays, missed deadlines, no more hectic activity.
3. Increased work discipline: everyone knows what to do, what they are responsible for and there is always to hold responsible.

LeaderTask Company Management - Your Business Under Control!

Tasks management system, CRM, collective work. LeaderTask Company Management is a system for employee management, assignment control, project, task and contact management. Remote work. Reliability. Easy to use.

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  • LeaderTask Company Management
  • 02 Jun 14
  • Time Management
  • WinXP, Win7 x32, Win7 x64, Win2000, Windows2000, Windows2003, WinServer, Windows Vista
  • Shareware
  • 10.33 Mb
  • 1732
  • $65.00
Latest Versions History
Version Date Released Release Notes
7.0.3 27.12.2010 Field "result" of a task Many improvements and new features. Options for the experts.

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