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The ELECT group of Softwares is a bundled software that an Electrical Engineer must possess. It deals most of the day to day problems of an Electrical Engineer. In view of the vast field of Electrical Engineering and number of different applications, the ELECT software has been divided in the following three categories: This is main part of the software. It deals with Overhead line Network analysis, Most Economical Conductor Selection, Sag & Tension Calculations, Cost estimation of Overhead line of different types and specifications, Energy Bill Checking (of course specific to supply companies), Database development and Analysis of Energy Bills, Energy Audit Report of Overhead lines. CABLES PVC, PILC and XLPE power cables of various size and grade, Cable network analysis, Cable Selection by various methods, Cost estimation of various possible voltage grade, conductor, conductor size etc. TRANSFORMERS Standard Transformer capacities, Transformer Selection and Power Balance, Power Factor improvement capacitor selection, Transformer connections and vector diagrams, Star-Delta Conversion, Winding temperature rise, percentage impedance calculations etc. Partially operational FREE TRIAL PACKAGE may be downloaded from here. After completing the download, unzip the downloaded file with winzip and install it on your PC. You can evaluate this package for 10 (ten) working days. If you find it to be useful, for yourself or some of your friends, colleagues, or if you are interested in giving service to interested people, then contact us for the REGISTRATION CODE.

The ELECT group of Softwares is a bundled ...

  • Elect
  • 7.07
  • SofexIndia
  • Windows XP, 2000, 98, Me
  • Shareware
  • 16.1 Mb
  • 539
  • $2000.00

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