AlgTime v.1.1


algTime 1.1 is a professional tool which can save your invaluable time by concentrating on accomplishing tasks which are really important to you, not on tracking your activities. Whether you're a consultant who needs to maintain accurate billing records for each of your projects, a professional who needs to keep an audit trail of each clients work, or an entrepreneur who wants to understand how you're using your time so you can work more efficiently, algTime has the tools that you need. With algTime, tracking the hours you work becomes automated, precise and flexible.algTime is specially designed for effective people who value their time. No more headache from maintaining a complicated time table database. Just install algTime and use it " it's as laconic and unobtrusive as software could be! Major Features:Automatic time tracking: Automatic time trackingalgTime timer is always on, so there is no need to start/stop it when you switch from task to task.Add time entries on the fly: Add time entries on the flyThe only thing you need to add new time entry is the task title. Just activate algTime with a hotkey, enter the caption of the task and press Enter. What can be easier?Smart Suggest: you find annoying keeping all your activities in mind just to enter them in your tracking tool later? Good news - there is no need to worry about that anymore. Moreover, you can forget about the burden of task tracking and focus on your work. algTime will take screenshots of your desktop while you are working. Later on, you can review them all, and add new time entries with ease, just by selecting the appropriate screenshots. No need to enter task start/stop date or duration - they're all calculated automatically. Timesheets on steroids: Timesheets on steroids All your timesheets can be edited within convenient drag-and-drop interface. See for yourself - you'll like it.Navigable Reports: Navigable Reports algTime have the very set of reports you'll need: daily, weekly and monthly. Not only they provide the necessary statistics, but you can also navigate trough them, both horizontally (i.e. today, yesterday, previous Monday etc) and vertically (i.e. today, this week, previous month etc). All the navigation is provided within the single screen!One-click Export & Email: One-click Export & EmailAll the reports can be exported to most common Office formats: Word, Excel, HTML, and XML. Furthermore, you can create mail templates and send reports via email.WareSeeker Editor

algTime 1.1 is a professional tool which can ...

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  • AlgTime
  • 1.1
  • algTime
  • 2000, XP, Vista
  • shareware
  • 2 Mb
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