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Comprehensive & straightforward Monitoring & Evaluation software for Donor-funded aid projects. AidProject M+E empowers projects to employ good practice & satisfy Donor requirements. Using AidProject M+E is relatively straightforward: Define Lookup Trees & Branches to customise AidProject M+E for your project. These include LogFrame, Methods, Purposes, Gatherers, Monitors, etc. Define Performance Indicators together with their Locations & Periods. Attach additional criteria (your customised Trees & Branches) for reporting & analysis. Maintain Period targets & actual performance data (dates, text, money, yield, etc.). Distribute performance reports to Monitors (Donors, Government, Project Management, Stakeholders, etc.) & export spreadsheets to assist Gatherers. A licence to use AidProject M+E is absolutely free. Simply fill in the form opposite to download AidProject M+E. Define the following Trees & Branches (lookup codes) for attaching to your Performance Indicators: Gatherer Groups for selective reporting to Gatherers. Monitor Groups for selective reporting to Monitors. LogFrame (Goal, Purpose, Output, Activity - up to 10 levels) to define Indicators. Locations (Country, Constituency, District, Town, Village) for sub-dividing Indicators. Purposes (relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, impact, sustainability) to define Indicators. M+E Methods (pre-configured with 34 methods including Random Sampling, Stakeholder Analysis, etc.) to define Indicators. Units of Measure (dates, text, money, tons, etc.) with user-defined formats to define Indicators. Organisations & Contacts to record the contact information of members of Gatherer Groups & Monitor Groups. Text Impacts (High, Med, Low), Statuses (Open, Closed, Pending, Suspended), & Types (Achievement, Action, Risk, Issue, Lesson, etc.) to describe Text Records. Define Performance Indicators using Trees & Branches including LogFrame, M+E Method, Purpose & ....

Comprehensive & straightforward Monitoring & ...

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