Software Version Control v.5.2


This package tracks any binary file type and can report when changes have happened. Retrieve older version of programs that no longer exist that have been deleted. SVC has no size limitations of the files that you want SVC to track. Microsoft Access 2000 (Jet 4.0) is the default install, the database (.mdb) is included with the installation. SVC can check-in any file of any size. exe, bat, cmd, bmp, pcx, jpg... The actual file can be for example 50GB and SVC will have no problem checking it in and keeping track this file. The only limitation is the back-end database systems used. SVC supports MS Access, MS SQL Server 2000 and Oracle 9i. (Support for more databases will be added when the database manufacturers systems become robust enough). Ex. Microsoft Access has a physical database limitation of two gigabytes (2GB), while Microsoft SQL Server 2000's is one terabyte (1TB) and Oracle's limitation is several terabytes. This would mean that only small operations should use Access while larger ones should use a scalable database. Scalable databases would also help in the protection of the data by providing replication, fail-over clustering, automatic backup and rollback features that can not be done using simple flat file storage. SVC does not have to manage how much the database could hold; the database would handle this automatically. All your data is in one place, no matter how many managers or programmers have used the system. While "Source Control" systems just copy the imported file to a different location on the computer or network, which can become lost, damaged or worst infected with a virus. Using a database limits that possibility, because once you put the file inside the database viruses cannot get attached to it! Portability is key to moving your data around in an organization. With a database you move basically one or two files as opposed to the hundred or thousands that you may generate in your SDLC cycle. Backups are generally done better in an organization using databases than large amounts of files. Projects that are checked into SVC can have the added benefit of not allowing all users to see all the projects that SVC holds. So if one user needs access to three projects and another user only needs access to one project, he will not see the other two, they do not even exist to this user. Security on the menu level is addressable in SVC. You can lock out certain functions that you would not want everyone to have access to. Ex. Certain users can copy systems, delete or add new systems while other users can only check filed in and out. SVC not only handles source code but by being able to check-in any type file, SVC can put a whole environment back onto a computer (except for registry information). All files and directory structures can be exported back to their original location from which they were imported. No copying of files to an import directory to get it into the system. The files can be checked-in from the exact location that they reside in the first place. Which makes getting it back to that location, should you need to, a snap! This system will not check-in a file into a project if the file already exists in the project and was not changed. The comparison is done on a binary level not on an ASCII character level. All operation can be handled on a transaction basis, so that if a failure occurs a rollback to a stable state can be achieved. This happens automatically. Store comments on the project level so that you know just what the project contains. Check-In and Check-Out whole projects at one time, not one file at a time (Unless you really want to!).

This package tracks any binary file type and ...

  • Software Version Control
  • 5.2
  • Randem Systems, Inc
  • Win 2000, XP
  • Freeware
  • 42.5 Mb
  • 221
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