Opus Presenter v.2.8


Using nothing more than your existing skills you can expand the functionality and cost-effectiveness of all the presentations you or your organisation produce. With its readymade templates and easy to use creative tools, Presenter Pro makes it easy to create engaging and modern rich media presentations but it also goes much furthe rthan that. Presenter Pro adds unique extra functionality like updateable publications and data capture that help you become more effective and more profitable than your competitors Use your laptop as an autocue - no more shuffling speakers notes or losing your place. Using the new multiple monitor support you can use your main screen to control the presentation and display your speakers notes while the presentation itself runs on an extension monitor or a projector. Updateable Presentations - Presentations can be updated in sections from the web or CD Rom so your head office team can keep your field sales up to date. Data Capture - Customer details and interest can be captured within the presentation while its still fresh and can be automatically emailed to a central database. Monitoring - Presentations can even be set to monitor how they are being used to provide data for managers to analyse the use and effectiveness of particular presentations. Presenter Pro offers the tolls to manage the value and cost-effectiveness of your presentations better than has ever been possible, giving you the chance to add real value to the bottom line. Opus Pro also includes full database support and all the power of an easy scripting language for you to customise the built-in functions or create your own simple commands. Ready-made functions let you add options to track the progress through the presentation and record it to disk or even submit it to a website.

Using nothing more than your existing skills ...

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  • Opus Presenter
  • 2.8
  • Digital Workshop
  • Windows XP, 2000, 98, Me, NT
  • Shareware
  • 86.57 Mb
  • 316
  • $134.80

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