HM Find+Rename v.1.1.3


HM Find+Rename is an easy to use and powerful rename utility for files. HM Find+Rename is fast and therefore still qualified for renaming a large number of files. With HM Find+Rename you can find and rename files in a folder and its subfolders in any way. HM Find+Rename is usefull for renaming a large number of files with similar filenames according to a certain pattern. For example, if you copy the files of a web site from your browser cache to a folder on your disk and you wish to remove the automatically inserted numbering of the files (xxxx[1].yyy), HM Find+Rename can help you with one single renaming action for all files in a folder and its subfolders. Or another example: if you manage a large number of JPEG, MPEG or MP3 files, you can number the files or change an existing numbering of the files by renumbering. For finding the files enter a search pattern matching the filenames either with simple wildcards (* and ?) or with complexer regular expressions. For renaming the files enter a supplementary replace pattern, possibly containing simple replace expressions which can refer to temporary character buffers containing matching results of subexpressions of the search pattern. Therefore you can do complexer renaming actions too. With one single renaming action you can rename either one single file found or a sequence of files found in a folder and its subfolders. Often used search and replace patterns can easily be stored persistently, and can be recalled later easily and fast by a popup menu. Moreover, with HM Find+Rename you can successive number found files (ascending or descending) and change file names to upper/lower case or mixed formatting as well as change file properties (creation date, modification date, last access date, the file attributes Archive, Hidden, System and Read-only).

HM Find+Rename is an easy to use and powerful ...

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  • HM Find+Rename
  • 1.1.3
  • Martin Haller
  • Windows 98, NT
  • Shareware
  • 1.16 Mb
  • 193
  • $17.50

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