Adobe Ovation v.1.0


OvationO turns lifeless PowerPoint® slides into a stunning visual experience in seconds. Sensational themes called PowerLooksO add subtle motion, high-resolution text, and dynamic TV-style transitions to plain PowerPoint slides. Ovation also offers built-in presentation tools that help you deliver a superior message.Create & edit in PowerPointCreate your presentation in PowerPoint as usual, then drag and drop your PowerPoint file onto Ovation's desktop icon or export directly into Ovation. Ovation will instantly turn PowerPoint slides into a visually-stunning presentation.PowerLooksMore than themes or a plug-in for PowerPoint, PowerLooks add vibrant color, subtle motion, and high-resolution text to plain, lifeless slides.Highly-readable textTransform low-resolution fonts into text that ranges from tastefully subtle to sparkling brilliance.Smooth motionOvation's exclusive PowerLooks add smooth motion to your message. From subtle to eye-catching, Ovation brings presentations to life.Bullet emphasisKeep audiences focused. As each new bullet is revealed, the previous bullet steps back from the spotlight and becomes transparent or defocused.Message reinforcementAdd thought-provoking words or concepts as semi-transparent text that move subtly in the show's background giving presentations a distinctive look.Walk-In & Walk-Out slidesMake an excellent first impression to a large audience by greeting them as they enter and thanking them as they leave a room.Title slidesExhibit presenter contact information and showcase the presentation name in a unique way.Brand reinforcementAdd your organization's logo, brand elements and even an entire background image to turn Ovation's PowerLooks into your own brand-building look.Go to PowerPointOpen PowerPoint from within Ovation so you can quickly make edits to your presentation without closing either program.PowerLooks organizerProvide a variety of ways to filter through more than 100 PowerLooks allowing users to choose by color or by style.PointPrompterTurn notes into a scrolling teleprompter just like newscasters use to help you stay confident and on point while citing facts, figures, dates and other dataSall without memorizing or cluttering up slides.TimeKeeperKeep on pace by knowing at a glance if you're ahead or behind on a presentation so you can determine whether to speed up or skip over certain points.Go DeeperAttach hidden, expanded information to PowerPoint slides that can be used in response to audience questions.Next bulletMake a smooth transition from point to point by peeking at your next bullet without having to reveal it to the audience first.Intermission modeDisplay a countdown or time of day clock to ensure everyone's back from break on time.Kiosk modeNavigate from slide to slide automatically--no more clicking the mouse to advance to the next slide.Slide timerPreserve slide times imported from PowerPoint as well as customize your own timing per slide. This is especially useful when you have a tight time schedule.Slide navigation barDisplay a thumbnail image of each slide along with its allotted slide time.Direct slide accessQuickly access any slide in the Slide Navigation Bar by a simply clicking on it. This eliminates the need to constantly hit the back button when referencing a previous slide.Disable slidePreserve the Hide Slide feature within PowerPoint and enable it at any time.

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