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PDAcalc units is a conversion calculator that AUTOMATICALLY performs unit conversions. Units of measurements, while not required, can help detect errors and enhance the display of computed results. When you first start PDAcalc units, a complete set of commonly used units is available for your calculations. *** We like to emphasize that PDAcalc units is TOTALLY different than the units converter programs you might be thinking of. Other unit conversion programs ONLY convert between the same base units. For the base unit length for instance these programs can convert between meters, yards, miles etc. Only within the same base units. PDAcalc units allows you to use all base units in your calculation at the same time. Not just one. *** If you divide length by time PDAcalc units will AUTOMATICALLY convert the result to speed. Multiply current times voltage and the result will be converted to power. Dividing units will even cancel out units if possible. Computing with units is simple Use => to select which unit you want to convert to. For example if you would like to convert 4 miles into kilometers type: 4 mi => km and press EXE. To calculate how many gallons a container 1.2 yards wide, 2 feet deep and 11 inches high will hold type: 1.2yd*2ft*11in=>gal and press EXE. It is just that easy. Without the conversion symbol => PDAcalc units will convert the result to the base unit. For example 110V * 16A will be converted to watts. And when you try to add incompatible units like feet to gallons, PDAcalc will let you know that the calculation is not valid. Adding units You can easily add your own units. After adding a unit it will be shown in the appropriate category of the help windows. Keyboard layout Changing the keyboard is also easy. The user can quickly change the keyboard layout by changing a small text file. Commas separate the text for the buttons and the buttons are automatically resized when you are done. Assigning units and variables The conversion calculator also makes it easy to assign units. For example, if you wished to convert the price of apples per domestic weight in a domestic currency to a foreign weight in a foreign currency, PDACalc can quickly and easily make the calculation. All you do is key in some basic conversion information and assign a value to apples and PDACalc does the rest. This is shown in the screenshot. Save your information Save keyboard layouts and your frequently used scripts using a memopad like build-in database. Several examples are included. System requirements: - Palm: Palm III - Palm OS 3.1 - 226KB RAM

PDAcalc units is a conversion calculator that ...

  • PDAcalc units
  • 1.67
  • PalmOS
  • Shareware
  • 2.6 Mb
  • 214
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