Werc v.1.0.0 RC4


Werc is a minimalist document management system (DMS).Werc is a DMS designed to be simple to use, simple to setup, and not get on the way while allowing users easy customization and implement new functionality.Originally developed for cat-v.org it has become more generalized. One of its major features is the easy management of multiple domains and virtual hosts from a single installation.It is designed to be simple yet flexible while keeping setup easy (untar, configure httpd, create a directory for your site and start adding content right away).It also can handle, plain text, markdown (or other user configurable markup) and integrate existing html files into the same site.The goal is to provide a consistent interface for all documents while staying out of your way and avoiding any repetitive work.Instructions:Untar, configure httpd to use bin/controller.rc as a cgi-script, and create a directory for your web site under sites/ where you can basically start to add content right away. For details see the documentation section of the website.Here are some key features of "Werc":?’A· Purely file system based, all documents are stored in a file tree as plain text files (.html files and .txt files are also handled and integrated transparently), no need for any database.?’A· Also allows for dynamically generated pages/scripts/applications that can take advantage of the framework (for an example see the dynamically generated gsoc project status table).?’A· Easily embedding of pre-existing html documents into the framework.?’A· Easy management of multiple domains/sub-domains/virtual-hosts from a single installation (just add another directory under sites/), and easy sharing of templates and files among sites.?’A· Markdown templating plus template cache (thanks Mechiel!) to make up for dog-slow markdown implementations.?’A· Automatic sitemap generation.?’A· Bloging system including rss feeds.?’A· More that I probably have forgotten about.

Werc is a minimalist document management ... A minimalist document management system.

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