WIKINDX for Linux v.3.8.2


WIKINDX is a free bibliographic and quotations/notes management and article authoring system designed either for single use (on a variety of operating sytems) or multi-user collaborative use across the internet.Features 39 resource types. Multi-user mode - create and manage your own bibliographies drawn from the WIKINDX master bibliography and browse other users' bibliographies. (Must be enabled by the administrator.) Create user groups and user group bibliographies. (Must be enabled by the administrator). Save your own preferences. Enter/edit bibliographic resources. Add unlimited file attachments to each resource. (Must be enabled by the administrator.) Catalogue resources by categories and keyword(s). Enter/edit a general note about the whole resource. Enter/edit quotes and paraphrases from those resources. Enter/edit thoughts or musings on various aspects of a resource (can be private or public). Add keywords to resource metadata such as quotes, paraphrases and musings. Use BBCode in all textarea input. Cross-reference other WIKINDX resources from within quotes, paraphrases, musings, notes and abstracts. Edit keywords, creators, publishers and journals. Comprehensive search across all the above with highlighting of search terms using either Quick Search or Power Search. Reorder bibliographic lists by first creator, title, resource type, publisher, year of publication or timestamp. Select resources by category, keywords, creator, publisher etc. Browse all creators, publishers, collections, categories and keywords with font colour and size indicating frequency of occurrence. Unilimited primary creators, editors, translators and revisers, composers, agents, performers etc. Export bibliographic lists (optionally annotated) with a range of formatting options to Rich Text Format [RTF] files for easy insert into word processors. Export bibliographic lists to RIS for import to Endnote, Reference Manager, ProCite etc. Export an Endnote tabbed textfile. Export an Endnote XML file. Export bibliographic lists to BibTeX format. Cut 'n' Paste BibTeX entries to the database (amount limited by the administrator). View and export in seven bibliographic styles: Chicago, MLA, APA and Harvard, Turabian, British Medical Journal and IEEE. Write an article entirely within WIKINDX's WYSIWYG word processor, import metadata and chose the citation formatting prior to exporting the article to Rich Text Format [RTF]. Run WIKINDX in core English or other languages (depending on administrator-installed language plug-ins). User-defined paging of long bibliographic lists. View all quotes, paraphrases and musings or a single random one. One-click return to last bibliographic list or single view. Store up to 20 bookmarks for quick return to single views and resource lists. Add resources to a temporary basket for viewing and exporting. Select a visual style. Insert WIKINDX references in a CMS. (Must be enabled by the administrator.) Import WIKINDX resources into Zotero.

WIKINDX is a free bibliographic and ... WIKINDX is a free bibliographic and quotations/notes management and.

  • WIKINDX for Linux
  • 3.8.2
  • WIKINDX Team
  • Linux
  • Freeware
  • 993 Kb
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