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FREE - Organise your contact information, homepage/email hyperlinks with Photo Display (visual prompt). Launch Secure Message with individualised private password. Features: * Hyperlinks - Email, Homepage, Phone and Mobile - Personal and Business * View as html - create html documents for selected entries to view within browser, publish online or print * View html folder - display Folder containing html content * Definable Photo Display dimensions - 32w x 32h to 200w x 200h, View ) Photo Dimensions ) Custom... * Right click Photo Display options: Undo, Open, Copy, Paste and Clear * Information section - 32,767 character capacity and word wrap * Password protection * Address entry options: Undo, Cut, Copy, Paste, Paste New, Delete and Select All * Multiple listing styles and sort alphabetically option * Find / Find Next * Lock entries - prevent accidental alteration * 7 predefined and 1 custom enhance styles: none, pink, blue, yellow, orange, cream, white * View options: Numbers, Password and On Top * Inclusive storage of photos * Built-in automatic compression * Import / Export functions - AddressBook v2/v1, Netscape v4, Netscape v3, Eudora v3 * Run Secure Message with current password * Total AddressBook content size readout - bottom left panel * Sizeable * Portable program support - run with no installation, no Start button placement. All files retained on source storage device (usb stick, usb disk etc) * Clone program support - run multiple, parallel, independent instances * Integrated Help - html and plain text * Multilingual interface - see our Select Language * No installation Automatically on your Start button for quick, easy and integrated consistent navigation at: .. Start ) Programs ) Blaiz Enterprises ) Accessories

FREE - Organise your contact information, ...

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  • Blaiz Enterprises - AddressBook
  • 2.00.995
  • Blaiz Enterprises
  • Windows XP, 2000, 98, Me, NT
  • Freeware
  • 385 Kb
  • 232
  • Free

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