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Anytime you use Cut or Copy in Windows, it is stored on the Windows Clipboard, which is actually a buffer reserved in RAM just for this function. When you use Paste, Windows makes a copy of that piece of data from RAM, and places it in the document of your choice. It is a very handy feature but has some shortcomings. There is no easy way to see what is on the clipboard, and whenever you choose to cut or copy something else; anything currently on the Windows Clipboard is overwritten and gone forever. If you should later need that piece of data, you would have to go back, find, and copy it again. This would once again overwrite whatever is on the Clipboard. When you shut down or reboot your computer, everything in RAM is wiped clean, including the contents of the Windows Clipboard.Your Clipboard extension utility solves these problems, and moreEasy access to the clipboard history. Your Clipboard is a full featured, easy to use software utility that extends the Windows clipboard. It will allow you to easily create custom Collectors to save text or graphic Clips that you Cut or Copy and want to later Paste into the documents of your choice. Anytime the contents of the Windows Clipboard changes, the data is sent to "Your Clipboard" extension utility, and you decide whether to save it or not. This gives you quick access to clipboard history that would otherwise be unavailable. Create separate Collectors for different jobs or projects. You may also create text strings of your own and place them on the Windows Clipboard, then save them to the Collector of your choice, or edit the clipboard contents before pasting. Each Collector you create may hold up to 15 graphics with "Thumbnail" view, and unlimited text Clips. You have the ability to view and edit the contents of the Windows Clipboard or Clips that you have previously saved. When you have no more use for a certain collector you have created, simply delete that collector.

Anytime you use Cut or Copy in Windows, it is ...

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  • Your Clipboard
  • 1.0
  • Evbolution Software
  • WinXP, Win2003, Win2000, Win Vista, Windows 7
  • Shareware
  • 2.78 Mb
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