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yEd is a powerful diagram editor that can be used to quickly and effectively generate high-quality drawings of diagrams.Create your diagrams manually or import your external data for analysis and auto-magically arrange even large data sets by just pressing a button.Features :yEd can be used to automatically lay out complex data sets. Highly sophisticated mathematical layout algorithms can be used either to automatically arrange the diagram elements or to support you when undertaking a manual layout. * Hierarchical Layout enables you to perfectly visualize hierarchical or pseudo-hierarchical scenarios. * Orthogonal Layout produces clear representations of complex networks. * UML-style Orthogonal Layout offers special support for arranging UML class diagrams, for example. * Organic Layout produces clear representations of complex diagrams like ER diagrams, UML diagrams, and many more. The layout can be restricted so that it fits into a given area (e.g., a rectangle, circle, or ellipse) or a specified aspect ratio. * Circular Layout can perfectly portray interconnected ring and star topologies. * Tree Layout can be used to clearly visualize tree-like structures in many different ways. Tree layout can consider labels for layout calculation and provides additional alignment options. * A dedicated Swimlane layout algorithm automatically arranges the elements in Swimlane diagrams.Connections * Organic Edge Router re-routes connections in existing drawings in an organic style. * Orthogonal Edge Router re-routes connections in existing drawings in orthogonal manner.Label PlacementAnother of yEd's excellent features is its ability to automatically assign label positions, enabling you to easily improve your diagrams, with each label clearly readable.Grouping of Diagram ElementsyEd enables grouping of diagram elements, to virtually any nesting degree. Using this unique feature, complex data sets can be visualized and arranged even more clearly.Many layout algorithms support this type of visualization.User InterfaceyEd's intuitive user interface complies with modern design guidelines for applications. Among its features are: * a customizable workplace that lets you arrange your tool windows to meet your precise needs * multiple editor windows can be opened simultaneously * tabular property editors that enable you to easily configure the graphical properties * internationalization: yEd is localized in English and German * a sophisticated print preview that enables you to preview the printing results (this is especially practical for poster-printing) * session management: yEd remembers and manages your settings * undo functionality * clipboard facility * keyboard shortcuts for most of the functions * integrated help systemThe user interface supports comfortable working with diagrams through the following elements: * context views that display specific information related to selected diagram elements, like, e.g. neighborhood or contents of closed groups * powerful searching and selection utilities * zooming (resembling a magnifying glass, for example) and overview (zooming can be controlled using the mouse-wheel)Diagram Creation/Data ImportyEd can be used to build, modify, and visualize diagrams in an effective and efficient manner. They can be loaded and saved using a variety of different file formats including: * XML-based GraphML file format; the default file format. Supports arbitrary, user-defined properties for diagram elements. * Import of data from ExceldlT« XLS files. An import dialog allows to comfortably specify matrix and list-like annotated diagram data in spreadsheets. Custom properties for diagram elements can be imported, too. * GML diagram file format; a popular text-based diagram file format * Import of arbitrary XML files. An XSLT stylesheet must be given that transforms the XML input into a valid GraphML. Predefined stylesheets for Ant build scripts, the OWL Web Ontology Language, and others are included.Diagram OutputFor exporting diagrams, yEd offers file formats for image and vector graphics export including: * PDF (Portable Document Format) by Adobe * Macromedia Flash file format SWF * SVG vector graphics file format. This file format supports embedding URLs and descriptive tooltips for diagram elements. * Enhanced Windows Meta File (EMF) file format, a vector graphics format that can be used in almost any Windows application. * JPG, GIF, BMP (on Windows machines), and PNG file formats. Export large images as multiple images and HTML tables also supported. * HTML image maps with support for embedding URLs and descriptive tooltips for diagram elements (see a sample) * EPS (Encapsulated PostScript)Additionally, using the export option "HTML Flash Viewer," a diagram can be exported to standard GraphML format together with a wrapping HTML page and a SWF file.The SWF file can be conveniently opened in a web browser by means of the HTML page. It contains an AdobedlT« FlashdlT« Player-based viewer for displaying the GraphML file (see sample).The viewer supports navigation in the diagram as well as zooming and printing.Editor FunctionalityyEd offers powerful support for creating and editing diagrams: * snap lines enable instant alignment of diagram elements and make editing a diagram easy * support for interactively creating and editing orthogonal connections * special swimlane representation elements enable comfortable modeling of swimlane diagrams. The representation elements provide rows and columns to which other diagram elements can be added. Rows and columns can be interactively added, removed, resized, reordered, and also nested.Data PresentationPresentation of diagram elements and their associated data is supported through: * a set of beautiful icons to get you started with your first diagrams * element representations for UML object diagrams and class diagrams * high-quality flowchart symbols in the Palette tool window * high-quality BPMN symbols in the Palette tool window * multiple labels for diagram elements * multi-line and icon labels * HTML support in labels * non-graphical properties for diagram elements: descriptive tooltips and URLs which can be used to open files from within yEd

yEd is a powerful diagram editor that can be ...

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