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EGG is a development tool for fast and easy realization of XML to plain-text tranformations EGG is a development tool for easy and fast realization of XML to plain-text transformations. Where plain-text encompasses every data-format that is not binary, especially source-code or XML-documents. Egg is similar to XSLT, Velocity or JSP but emphasises source-code generation in a model-driven, generative development-process. Runs on Windows or Unix with Java. Basically, you can think of EGG as something like an XSLT-processor that transforms XML-input into plain-text output based on a transformation-stylesheet. With EGG this transformation is defined in an EGG-template, that contains the plain-text patterns for the resulting output and the logic for reading and transforming the XML-input. You can write your transformation logic in Java and all plain-text patterns just as they should look like in the generator-output. You define the control-flow of your generator as a sequence of statements in an imperative way and not rule-based as in XSLT. EGG reads your generator-template and converts it into a java-class. Then, EGG compiles this generator-class and produces a simple startup-script for your generator. Run this startup-script with a XML-file as input to perform your xml-to-text transformation and to produce your concrete plain-text output. EGG is worth a try, if you think that: - keeping your data in XML is a good thing to do, - transforming this data should be done automatically, - XSLT is conceptionally fine, but awkward and annoying for more complex transformations. EGG is made especially for: - generation of source-code, - supporting generative programming and - integration in an iterative software-development process. EGG is easy, if you know: - how to write Java-programs, - how to write XML-documents and - some basic ideas of XPATH. System requirements: - Java JDK-1.2 and above

EGG is a development tool for fast and easy ...

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