SharePoint List Forms Extensions v.1.1.00


KWizCom's SharePoint List Forms Extensions Feature bridges the gap between the SharePoint list forms you are familiar with (New/Edit/View forms) and standard form features, extending the current SharePoint form features with the missing features of the classical web form.The new v1.1.00 version answers the main issue SharePoint users have with SharePoint list forms: Field-level security!KWizCom added a new "Field-Level Permissions" management page to every list, enabling the list owner to define the visible/active status for every field.After the fields' permissions settings are saved, the form starts to behave differently for different users. For example the "Due Date" field can be disabled for all "KWizCom Members" group members and visible and active for the manager editing the task. This enables user specific modification of forms - you can prevent users from seeing or updating specific fields and provide different forms for different employees/roles.You can also define dynamic, field-based rules for hiding/disabling form fields; this turns the SharePoint list forms into full-featured forms with intrinsic field logic!Now you can easily use simple SharePoint lists WITHOUT any additional development to handle scenarios such as:aX Help-Desk form submissions iV the user and the technician utilize different fields iV each sees what's relevant to their task aX

Purchase order approval forms iV the manager sees different fields than the employee What's included in the next version?Providing field-level security is just the start. Our next version (v1.2.00) will include the following form functionality:Field GroupsEver tried to create a SharePoint list with 20 fields/columns? You end up with an endless form with what could be called a large pile of fields, lacking any logical grouping/categorization.No More!Our next version of SharePoint List Forms Extensions feature will enable division of list fields into logical groups/sections displayed in different sections/tabs.Field ValidationsYou will be able to easily define field validation rules such as: email format, minimum characters, uniqueness and other string patterns."Previous", "Next" navigation buttonsYou will be able to easily navigate from one open list item to the next without having to go back to the list view page.Key Featuresa

* Display/hide fields from list forms (New/Edit/View item) to specific users or SharePoint groups.

* Support MOSS 2007 / WSS 3.0

* Make fields disabled for specific users or SharePoint groups.

* Hide/Disable fields according to a criteria based on list fields' values (the item's status)

* Cross-browser support

* Multilingual (standard for all KWizCom components)

* Server-side event handler that prevents the updating of defined document properties using webDav (thus bypassing the SharePoint web interface)

KWizCom's SharePoint List Forms Extensions ...

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  • SharePoint List Forms Extensions
  • 1.1.00
  • KWizCom Corporation
  • Win 2003
  • Shareware
  • 2.26 Mb
  • 351
  • $799.00

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