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Below is from an email I recently sent to many licensed users of AccessAble Help Desk Pro Edition. I would be glad to hear from any of you who may contemplating a purchase of AAHD Pro Editon. Email me at with any feedback that you think may help me in developing the next version.I am writing to you today because I am currently working on the next version of AccessAble Help Desk Pro Edition and would like to get your feedback if possible. Some of the planned changes may mean that you would not want to take advantage of the next free upgrade since this will entail a new database structure. In order to use your current data with the next release you would have to import your current data to the new database file. I hope that the import feature will make this relatively painless, but I will understand if you decide not to migrate to the next version. This email will outline some of the planned changes - but I am also anxious to hear from you if there are things you would like to see added/changed in the next version. I am especially interested in hearing from any of you that are currently using the web page interface - in "Classic".asp format since I am contemplating releasing the next verison in the newer .ASPX format. Does your organization have a preference for .asp vs. aspx? Planned structural changes: I will be adding Building and Room fields to the Users, Computers, Software, Peripherals and Requests tables. This will make it easier for those with a larger inventory to be able to report to a finer level of detail, where assets are located. In addition, some organizations will have many users working in different "rooms" and it may be helpful to track problems that may be related to electrical problems, cabling and so on if a room field were included as well as building. Data entry should not take much longer because when a User Name is selected these additonal fields will be automatically populated (as they are now for Location and Department). A numeric field will be added to the requests table and a lookup button will be added to the requests forms in the windows application to allow for "looking up" common solutions. Rather than having to type "reset password" or "install and test software" a table will be provided to allow you to quickly select these repetitive solutions over and over. I am contemplating a "problem history" table which may be on a tab for requests that may not be solved the same day a request is submitted. This would allow for tracking the history of a problem that may never seem to really get resolved. I am not sure how many would find this features useful - or not, so I have not decided on this change for sure. I am likely to add a "status" field for both Computers and Peripherals. This could be used to indicate computers or peripherals which are either active or being repaired, etc. Feature Change: Prior versions of AAHD Pro Edition have used SMTP for sending email from an open request form, I am debating replacing that since some have had problems configuring SMTP with an option to use whatever email client is installed. Unlike the current setup, this would allow you to view the email message and make any changes, before sending. It would at least be easier to set up, since this would use your default email client software. Interface Change: Past versions have included the Standard Drop down menus as well as "pushbutton" style menu. Do you use the Pushbutton style menu? I ma contemplating replacing this menu with a side panel menu, collapsing and expanding like in some of my other programs, but if I hear from many of you that you prefer the pushbutton menu I will leave it in place. Automatic Updating: Besides the newsletter you can subscribe to at I have not had a very good way of letting users know about version upgrades, small or large. I have tried to use mailing lists but found that all too often I get delivery failure messages - one person may hvae purchased a license and used his/her email address then left the company (by the way, I am pleased to have heard of the users from customers who have purchased a site license while working at one organization, then started work somewhere else wanted them to buy one of my programs. I appreciate that kind of word of mouth advertising - and repeat business, especially since I still have not started charging for verison upgrades. However, I am now debating or trying to find the best way to enable you to have the program automaticaly check for version upgrades. Do you think this would be a good thing? I am trying this in some other new releases. Anyway, if you have time to respond with any input or feedback I would definitely be glad to hear from you. While I hope you are happy with the verison of AccessAble Help Desk Pro Edition you currently have installed, I do hope to improve in a number of areas in the next version. If you wanted to get an idea of some of what I have in mind, you could take a look at the just released Problem Solved! 2007

Below is from an email I recently sent to many ...

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