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Personnel Plus Training and SafetyThe Personnel Plus Training and Safety, is a must have for safety management, for both small business and large corporations alike.The easy to use menu system and array of data entry forms, makes this product very intuitive and easy to learn and train others.User defined terminology means that you don't have to put up with using Zip Code to define your Postal Code fields, or Social Insurance Number to define your Social Security fields.User preferences allow you to add your own company logo, add or remove criteria that you may or may not need to use on a regular basis, add a custom monogram to the bottom or your reports, select how you want to see employee information when you enter the employees and applicants form.The following, is a list of features that this program contains, for your benefit and flexibility;Data Entry Forms * Multi-Company Compatibility - The Personnel Plus series of programs, allows you to enter information for multi-company use. If you are a conglomerate of companies wishing to track information for all of your divisions, this is a handy tool. You can view information for an individual company, or all companies at one time. * Direct Email / Web Site links - When you define your companies, work sites, previous employers (in the case of applicants) and even your employees, there is space available for you to enter email and web site information. If you are constantly visiting the web site or emailing these companies, sites or employers, you can do this directly from the program, for the company, work site or employer you have selected. * Miscellaneous User Defined Information - If there is information that you wish to track, that the program has currently not been set up to do, you can use the "Miscellaneous Items" form to define specific information you wan to track. In the Employees / Applicants form, you can specify the Miscellaneous item you want to track, item details, a date, and notes for each item. * What information does Personnel Plus Training and Safety Track? - The core of this system is to track Applicants, Employees and Previous Employees, along with their relevant information. Information will remain with each employee record, so if a person begins in your system as an applicant, you can enter Training Information, Education, Work History, Interview Information, Applicant Status, Positions Applied For and even a scanned image of the person. This information will always be available, even when the person becomes an employee. When the person does become an employee, you can schedule training for the employee, his appraisals, drug screen information, and any other information you would like about this employee, even information you define yourself. When this employee becomes a previous employee, you can change his status to "Previous Employee", and if your preference is not to view previous employees, this employee will disappear from your employee form, but remain in the system, with all his current information, in case you need to rehire. You can also track termination and rehire information as well, allowing you to grade the hire-ability of your previous employees. Even though you may have selected to only view "Employees" or "Employees and Applicants" in the preferences of the system, you can access all of the personnel records in the Employees form by clicking the "Show All" button which appears at the bottom of the form. This will make available, all of the information in the system regardless of their personnel status. In addition, Personnel Plus Training and Safety also contains everything you need to track Incidents, Statistical Injury information, WCB Costs, Safety Performance Statistics, Safety and Environmental Meetings, Hazard Identification and more! Track Safety Meetings, determine if an employee has safety days or points reset or held depending on the incident. Determine if an employee is on modified work because of an incident, short and long term prevention measures, statistical information regarding type of injury, body part injured, experience in position or on worksite and more!. WCB Entries can be made in summary or detail format. Also, view WCB information at a glance from the incidents form, allowing you to view the costs involved, directly from the incidents form!.Reporting * Existing and Custom Reports - There are over 200 reports available in this system, and there are always more on the way. If you require a report that isn't available in the system, you can contact Hemmingway Development Group to request custom modifications, which we can provide for our current hourly rate. If you feel that the report is a "nice to have" and that others might benefit from such a report, tell us about it. If we feel that your idea would be beneficial to others, you may see this report in the next upgrade that is available to you. * Criteria Options - The Personnel Plus Training and Safety package has made an abundance of fields available to you for criteria, when running a report. If there is criteria you use frequently, the Personnel Plus Safety system allows you to save and load frequently used criteria sets. This helps especially if you have a very specific and intricate set of criteria that you always want to use. This method allows you to run reports with this type of intricate criteria with just a click of a button. Also, choose whether or not you want to start a new page at the beginning of each heading.Other Features * Employee Information Importing - No time to enter employee information yourself? The Personnel Plus Training and Safety system can import information in a fixed length format. If your current payroll or human resources system can generate a fixed length text file in the pre-determined format, the Personnel Plus Safety system can import it and populate the Employee file, whether it's a one time basis or on-going. * System Problem Reports and Contacting Hemmingway - Hemmingway Development Group is devoted to offering reliable products that are easy to use. If you are experiencing difficulties in your program, we have offered tips on trouble shooting in our on-line help system, as well as the "getting started" documentation. If this documentation does not allow you to determine the problem you are experiencing, we want to know what the problem is. Because of this, we have devised an on-line system problem report that you can email directly to Hemmingway. This report also includes the latest entries in the error log, to help us better understand how the program is being used, and any problems you are experiencing on the technical level. A NEW User forum has also been established for you to assist, seek help or gain ideas on better ways to fully utilize the program. * User Preferences - By using preferences, you can tell the system information about how you want to see employees when you enter the employees form. You can set different terminology to better personalize your program. Add a report monogram to all of your reports. This monogram can be your company name, which can be useful in a multi-company environment, or just a brief "slogan of the day" to pass along to whoever you may be sending the reports. Add your own company logo. You can personalize this system for each company or even each user! * On-Line Ordering - Need to upgrade to a network license or want to order a copy for a friend? There is an online ordering system at the click of a button. * Contacting Hemmingway - Want to leave a comment or make a suggestion? There is a form for you to email Hemmingway directly with your query or comment.

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