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OfficeSheet for MsExcel (OS4XL) is the first and only fully functional SMART Client for Ms Excel, and provides unique portal into MsExcel data and functionality for information-intensive work environments.OfficeSheet for MsExcel (OS4XL), is a desktop software application designed for use on Ms Windowsand in conjunction with Ms Excel d-OC?D?. OS4XL is a d-deDUSmart Clientd-deDt for the Ms Excel application, and provides a unique portal into MsExcel data for information-intensive work environments.OS4XL augments the operation and use of MsExcel and integrates it into an overall information workflow in a number of key areas:Data Acquisition:OS4XL provides fast and precise data acquisition from MsExcel worksheets, based on names, selected areas or explicit ranges. Acquire cell data as well as additional information such as comments, links and formats such as font (v1.1). Easily acquire and manage d-deDUmetadatad-deDt, such as lists of worksheet names (v1.1), and standard and custom properties (v1.2). Conversion of data from MsExcel d-deDUlistsd-deDt to a database-like table of columns and rows should be a no-brainer, but it is often non-trivial due to common data acquisition problems, such as multiple row headers and inconsistent column header naming. OS4XL provides solutions for these types of problems.Data Management:OS4XL provides a range of functions for operating on MsExcel worksheets in multiple units, with functions such as copy and append that are data structure aware. OS4XL enables you to open multiple files in one operation, or process an almost unlimited number of files in a series of batches.

OfficeSheet for MsExcel (OS4XL) is the first ...

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  • OfficeSheet for MsExcel Enterprise
  • Decade Nine
  • WinXP, Win2003, Win2000, Win Vista, Windows 7
  • Shareware
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