Lionbridge Task Control v.6.5.1


LB Task Control (formerly known as Lionbridge Task Control) is a program to keep track of your daily tasks, projects and assignments. It keeps a log of your work and provide you with all the necessary information to manage your daily routine.LB Task Control is a great program for you working as an Internet Assessor or as a Search Engine Evaluator, because it keeps track of all your tasks and time to help you log them in the company timesheet system, so you can receive that hard and sweat money!If you work online, work from home, for Liobridge, for Leapforce, or any other job that requires you to keep track of your time and performance, LB Task Control is definitely the right tool for you.LB Task Control is a freeware, so, you dond-deOaot have to spend a cent to use it. I was (some time ago) working as a Lionbridge Internet Assessor and I was tired of having to write my time and tasks on a piece of paper and then copying to an Excel sheet, so I developed this program and made it available for everyone. Now, after 4 years of the 1st version developed, LB Task Control has been used by more than 4000 people around the globe!I also made available a newest version, with more features and improvements that you can download by donating any amount for the development of the program.LB Task Control :: Some Features :Know your earningsWith LB Task Control you can define how much you make per hour worked and get a report after finalizing each assignment saying how much you made, making you smile a little more knowing exactly how much your work was worth!Know your productivityDoes your work require you to keep certain productivity when working on your assignments and tasks? With LB Task Control you will know in real time, on the working screen, your productivity based on tasks per minute or hour.Track your tasksForget those Excel spreadsheets or having to write everything with pen and paper! With LB Task Control you can track your tasks the easy way, with a simple interface and a lot of customization options, your work is tracked and saved automatically, all you need to do is press the start button!Your work is safe!You dond-deOaot have to worry about your computer crashing or your power going down, because with LB Task Control your work is safe! All your work is logged in text files every few seconds to ensure you wond-deOaot loose any information. Log files can be generated per assignment and/or per day.

LB Task Control (formerly known as Lionbridge ...

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  • Lionbridge Task Control
  • 6.5.1
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