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The File-Text Replacement was developed to be a small tool that substitutes filenames from a file collection into a text template/snippet, and then generates a block of the template for every file encountered in the iteration/generation process.The File-Text Replacement Tool is very simple to use - just point to the directory where you want to begin iterating files from and then enter a text template that will be used in the file-text generation. Where-ever you want a filename to appear in the text block, just specify a "[FILE]" tag, and during the generation process, this tag will be replaced with the filename.You can also specify whether to iterate over all the subdirectories under the main folder and also if you want to specify the relative paths to the files as they are enumerated. These are the "Recurse Sub-directories" and the "Include Relative Path" checkboxes, respectively.Several other useful features are included, such as the standard Copy-Paste-SelectAll which perform their actions on the active tab-textbox. Templates and generated text can be loaded and saved by the "Open File" and the "Save File" buttons, which also are dependent upon whichever tab-textbox is currently active.

The File-Text Replacement was developed to be ...

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  • File - Text Generator
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