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Today's highly competitive market demands corporations to take actions that are both correct and timely. This has resulted in companies looking for business intelligence systems. Sadly, most find that it costs not a small fortune and take a long time to implement. Many give up when they do not see any light at the end of tunnel after spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on consultants. We decided that what is needed is a full featured, turn key business intelligence system that can be implemented in short time without need for expensive consultants. ExisOne is designed for decision makers at all levels in an organization, from CEO to salesmen. It can be implemented very rapidly, in as little as seven days. It is designed to present decision makers in an enterprise with actionable information. ExisOne takes data from your sales, manufacturing and accounting systems and converts it to actionable information for decision makers in your company. The information can be tailored to the needs of each user. CEO is presented with enterprise level information while a salesman is presented with information he/she can influence. An intuitive interface with just point and click (no typing required) makes it easy to use. Everything is on one screen, clean and easy to read. It is so intuitive that most people will become familiar with it in less than an hour. Contextual help is available only when needed. You will be impressed with how fast ExisOne responds, generally within 2 seconds. You can zoom in (drill down) for details, view information in either tabular or graphical form as well as slice displayed data vertically of horizontally. Key Performance Measure (KPM) pinpoints items in need of action. You can view the information from different perspectives - corporate organization, products, customers, etc. For more information go to www.exisone.com. We provide a hosted solution, as well as a stand alone one. View your data securely anywhere with web acces from anywhere.

Today's highly competitive market demands ... Set up a fully functional Business Intelligence system - see www.

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