Excel Unit Conversion Addin v.3.0


This Microsoft Add-In provides very powerful unit conversion functionality. It's tight integration with the Excel environment allows easy access through the menus and toolbars.The main unit conversion functionality is available as a user defined function. This can be accessed from the Insert Function dialog or by simply typing it into a cell.Units are defined in a simple text file, which can be modified if new ones are required. However most units are already defined and new derived units can be generated on the fly (e.g. kg.m/s). Dimensional Analysis is used to ensure that the conversion is legitimate.A fully working evaluation with a nag screen is available to download from http://www.unit-conversion.com/downloads.aspx. Online help and comprehensive examples are provided to get you up and running as quickly as possible.- A single function call converts between any units of measure. - A value and two units string is all that is required. - Converted values can be recalculated 'on-the-fly'. - Cells can be laid out in any arrangement. - A menu specific to unit conversion is provided to give you access to some commonly used features.- Some of the menu items are also provided on a Units toolbar.- To make the Excel Function Editor more user friendly, each function parameter now has a description associated with it.- Unit Conversion Formula in cells, worksheets & workbooks can be 'frozen'.- Unit descriptions, factors & offsets can be updated within Excel.- Currency conversion can be handled.- Support for Unicode characters, allowing any character or symbol to be used.

This Microsoft Add-In provides very powerful ...

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