EmailNotes for Outlook v.1.1.185


EmailNotes for Outlook 1.1.185 is released as an impressive and application which accesses to ALL relevant information when reading and responding to e-mails. Email Notes is a Outlook addin that lets you add your own notes to sent and received e-mails at the click of a button. The notes are ready for immediate use as they are automatically displayed under the e-mail.The notes do not change your original e-mails in anyway so you can safely reply/forward e-mails with no risk of unintentionally passing on confidential notes. Email Notes for Outlook also adds buttons to Outlook so you can send your notes with e-mails when you want to. Notes are saved inside Outlook so they get backed up every time you backup your Outlook data.Major Features:Easiest way to add a note to Outlook... ONE BUTTON CLICK will create your Note and link it to the current email.Email Notes can be different colors just like paper sticky notes.Retrieve, view and edit your notes directly from the email... no more lost notes at critical moment. You can view notes for an email simply by selecting the email and clicking on the View Note button on the toolbar.EmailNotes is NON-DESTRUCTIVE

Your original email remains unchanged. It"s also convenient to have the email in the original format for legal reasons plus

There is no chance of unintentionally sending your notes (which may contain confidential information) to anyone else. It is easy to Forward or Reply without sending your notes because the notes are stored separately from the actual emailsSend your notes to others by using EmailNotes" Forward/Reply with Notes buttons. Your notes will be attached as a text file so that even non-Outlook users can use them.Use EmailNotes as part of your To-Do list. Your folders can show you which emails have notes attached to them.Your notes are safe from data loss. EmailNotes saves your notes in your main Outlook data file so that they are automatically backed up when you backup your Outlook data files.Your notes are confidential. If you are using EmailNotes with Public Folders (Microsoft Exchange) then each user keeps his own notes on an email. Other users will not be able to view your notes.Print your notes for use away from your Outlook. Notes can easily be printed at the click of a button (you can also print emails without the notes)Notes remain linked to the email even if you file your email to a different folder. You don't have to worry about manually moving your notes each time you file an email out of the Inbox. Your note will remain linked to your email as long as it stays in Outlook. EmailNotes works on ALL folders in your Outlook.Notes can be updated (or deleted) and you can easily track changes with date/time stamps.

EmailNotes for Outlook 1.1.185 is released as ...

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  • EmailNotes for Outlook
  • 1.1.185
  • Windows 7, Windows Server 2003, Windows Me, W
  • Trial
  • 2.7 Mb
  • 175
  • $29.95

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