DocHaven for Linux v.4.8


DocHaven is a library for your documents. DocHaven is run as an alternative to normal folders on your PC or file server. Your documents are permanently backed up and you bring take them out of the backup as you need them. Instead of storing your documents in an ever-increasing number of folders on your hard drive, you store your documents in 'Projects', booking them out and checking them back in.

But its more than this - every time a Project is put away, it keeps the old versions automatically. So not only do you have the latest version, but if a mistake to the Project, you can always go back to a previous version.

Each time a person tries to take out a Project they are verified. They must be either the owner of the Project or a member of the group to which the Project belongs.

Finally, DocHaven compresses the Projects before storing them.


Adding for others:
· When we add documents to DocHaven, you get the a list of every accessible User, Group and Client. There is therefore no reason why you cannot add documents to the library for access by someone else. Note that there may be issues here with the adder not being able to access the imported documents if they are neither the owner nor in the selected group. Please note that once set you cannot easily change the Owner, but you can easily change the Group access for a Project.

Notes and Keywords:
· Adding notes and keywords are an effective way to find documents later based on non-normal criteria. If you can, add predefined keywords or descriptions in notes to sets of documents as they're imported making it much easier later to find, export or archive.

Template Projects:
· Template Projects are normal projects full of normal documents with two exceptions - firstly, they show up in the 'New Document' window for any Owner or Group member, and secondly, they can now only be taken out by their owner. They should be designated sparingly to make creating new documents easier. Note that unlike other projects, users can create new Projects from templates that are already 'taken out' by their owners, as it uses the latest version last put away. This allows users to keep using template projects even while they're in the process of being updated.

Short Term Projects:
· Short Term Projects are normal Projects full of normal documents except the designation implies that the enclosed documents do not need to be kept forever. These might be fax cover sheets or temporary files you want to trash sometime, but not yet. So if storage space on the FTP server becomes limited, then you may want to archive the Short Term Projects not modified recently.

Notify Owner Projects:
· Notify Owner Projects are normal Projects full of normal documents except the designation implies that every time they're accessed, the Owner of the Project is informed in the Notification window. This can be used both as a security feature and a means of finding out which projects are the most popular and by whom.

· A small number of applications such as Microsoft Word and Excel can require a password to open their documents. DocHaven's password is not related to these features. When adding your documents to the DocHaven library you can require the entry of a password. The password is an extra level of security on top of the usual Users and Groups privileges and does not affect the format of the enclosed files nor does it add a password to the actual zip file. The only effect is that when the Project is taken out or copied out the correct case-sensitive password is needed. Passwords are not recommended except for exceptional circumstances. Administrators can take out projects without having to enter a password and they can remove the password in the Window-Database-Projects window. Also note that the password is not required for Exporting or Archiving.

DocHaven is a library for your documents. ...

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