DeskWork Standard v.4.0.2827


DeskWork 4 Standard includes DeskWork 4 Basic + 9 custom document circulation modules. DeskWork 4 offers the following benefits including:

' Saved time.
' Increased profits.
' Effective business.

Functionality available in custom modules contributes to employees' time saving efforts and error-free business processes resulting in increased revenues and profits.

Electronic document circulation process accelerates coordination, conformation and approval of documents. This is a proven method of business performance optimization and improving of employee professional responsibility. It allows you to electronically create work assignments and monitor task fulfillment process. The system offers not only process control but assistance for employees to complete their tasks on time with email notifications regarding any work in progress and deadlines.
Using structurally maintained internal document archives will allow you to access necessary information very quickly and if further required your can utilize additional resources of the corporate knowledge base.

DeskWork 4 Standard is a high performance solution, which is built based on the results of the analysis of a large number of competitive products designed to streamline corporate document circulation, save resources and improve business performance.

Features in DeskWork 4 Standard:

DeskWork 4 Standard includes DeskWork 4 Basic + 9 custom modules of electronic document circulation:

Document Circulation Modules

· Document Registration Module
· Serial Coordination Module
· Parallel Coordination Module
· Universal Coordination Module
The document tracking route is formed during the process of coordination. Each party involved can modify the following coordinating points (serial or parallel), assign additional participants and/or set up required due dates for each interval

· Export data to Excel reports based on credentials of document coordination process
· Assistant Appointment function
· Quick Launch and Access Module to document circulation functions
· Module 'Document Circulation in Microsoft Office 2010'
· Module 'Electronic Archive'

Document Registration Module

· During the registration process complete additional information and create a Document Card in the document journal;
· You can set up any number of titles and names of journals (incoming, outgoing, internal etc);
· You can assign a responsible person (Moderator) for journal up-keeping so that person will be receiving all notifications about new documents created;
· Each journal can be set up with additional properties (attributes) for further document analysis.

Common features of coordination modules

· You can assign deadlines of document coordination for each of the users (participants).
· Each new set of tasks creates notification message, which is delivered by email. Each user can view all assigned tasks in the portal.
· During each coordinating step any number of documents can be attached including comments regarding conformation or rejection pertaining to the assigned task.
· Settings allow choosing the response mode. If the participant declines/rejects the assigned document then it will be prompted to return to the previous step of coordination or to the Moderator announcing all the parties involved.
· The Moderator has the ability to check the documents for accuracy after the coordination process is complete and before they are returned to the Initiator. For example, the Moderator can be a quality control employee who is responsible for the accuracy of document format, properties and content.
· At any time you can view the status of the document including its location and the list of participants who already performed their coordination responsibilities

DeskWork 4 Standard includes DeskWork 4 Basic ... DeskWork 4 Standard includes DeskWork 4 Basic + 9 custom document circulation modules. DeskWork 4 offers the following benefits including: ' Saved time. ' Increased profits. ' Effective business. Functionality available in custom modules ...

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  • DeskWork Standard
  • 4.0.2827
  • 24 Aug 12
  • Softline
  • WinXP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 7 x64
  • Freeware
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