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If you appreciate the importance of the training component, particularly in the law enforcement field, then you can quickly grasp the value of a software program that lets you enter and maintain a computerized inventory of all training courses ever offered by your organization, and all officersd-deOao training record histories as well.If you are an administrator, then you can really appreciate software that will also let you examine that data and instantly create searches, summaries, reports, and printouts based on any criteria you can think of.If you are computer savvy on top of all that, then you can really appreciate software that can be this powerful and sophisticated, yet is also extremely easy to learn and use, even for most computer-phobic among us-- all this, and much more, for a fraction of the cost of comparable software.Welcome to CopTrain, training records management software designed specifically for law enforcement. Check out the many features below that are included with this software: * CopTrain controls user access through an Admin Window, where the program administrator can create a list of people authorized to use the software, a unique password for each person, and the access level that user is allowed (View Records only, View & Edit Records only, View, Edit, & Delete Records, or Full Access-- View, Edit, Delete, and Add Records). Once a user is listed in the User List, she can select her name, enter her password, and use CopTrain within the restrictions of her access level privileges. * A User Access Log is automatically maintained by CopTrain, which the program administrator can review at any time. * CopTrain keeps training histories on both 'Actived-deOao persons and 'Inactived-deOao persons (such as former employees or students). You can select which group (or both groups, if you wish), to view and work with. This powerful feature allows you to keep your training data on previous employees, but only display and work with that data when the need arises. * CopTrain maintains three basic types of databases: o A Name List database that contains the names of all 'Actived-deOao and 'Inactived-deOao persons who have training records on file, o A Course Index database that contains a categorized index of all courses that have ever been provided by your organization, and o A Training Record database that contains all applied training history information for all persons in the Name List. These three databases all efficiently interact with each other to maintain highly accurate and consistent training records in a manner that enhances the userd-deOaos ability to instantly conduct flexible searches, and create summaries, reports, and printouts that provide valuable administrative information for your organization. * Because the training file databases you create are very important to your organization, CopTrain has built-in one-click backup and restore services to keep your data records secure and safe. * CopTrain has a comprehensive built-in context-sensitive and indexed manual that is available at any time by pressing the key. * CopTrain provides an initial sample list of Course Code category headings that you can use as a starting point in constructing your Course Code conventions. This template, which is based on a real-world system used for over 15 years at a major police department, is a great starting point as you build your Course Index database. Additionally, there is a dedicated Help Topic that provides detailed explanations and examples to help you develop an effective method of creating meaningful Course Codes for courses that you add to the Course Index.There are really too many useful features to list them all here, so download and install a full-featured review version of CopTrain at no cost or obligation and find out for yourself why CopTrain is an incredibly useful tool for any organization that values its training component.

If you appreciate the importance of the ...

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