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The Constitutional Analysis Tool (CAT) allows a user to analyze Constitutions and make quantitative consistent comparisons of different struggles across our planet, both today and throughout our history. There is an old saying,"actions speak louder than words". And so it goes with written and spoken words of all types. Across time and cultures people on earth have attempted to act reasonably with one another and at some point written the words to represent these actions. These are great words, Constitutions, usually born from great struggles. We use them in important works such as framing our roles in nations to providing us guidelines in simple activities such as student organizations and technical societies. As one reads these words many questions arise. Such as, were these words created in reaction to great injustices or were these words created in hopes of preserving a way of life? Do these words still apply or are they lost in history? Should we now have new words and will it matter? Who is CAT for and what does it do for us? CAT is for every teacher and student in every country on earth. If you are able to use an Internet search engine you are able to use CAT. So children can use it in their history and social studies classes that we provide. Features: Overall - Help with Use Cases - HTML Reporting - Accepts txt, csv, html, and doc formats - Accepts DOORS Exports using Excel .csv - Attempts Automatic .doc Parse - PUI Preservation or Generation, if None Present Control - User Defined Imperatives - Process Only Imperatives or Process all Option - Remove Blank Lines Option - Remove HTML Tags Option - Preview Uploaded Document Prior to Analysis - Library Documents, Templates, Reports, Analysis Authoring - User Authored Templates, Services, & Rules - Template Naming, Description, and Summary - Rule Naming, Description, and Attributes - Reading Level Report - Document Shape Report - Find Approximate Duplicates Using Masking ......

The Constitutional Analysis Tool (CAT) allows ...

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