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Alloy Network Inventory 4.1 is a comprehensive network inventory solution for network administrators and IT service providers, advancing the Alloy Network Inventory product line with next generation technology. Targeted for small and medium business environments, it offers a compelling menu of best-in-class features and usability, delivering accurate and up-to-date information in a matter of minutes from the moment you install it. Alloy Discovery allows you to take control over your hardware and software inventory with an array of audit methods and strategies. Now you can effortlessly gather accurate, complete, and in-depth inventory of your entire network using the agentless on-demand audit for Windows domain and workgroups. You can also deploy the new agents for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS to automatically audit your computers on ongoing basis Alloy Network Inventory provides you with accurate and up-to-date information from every computer on your network. Schedule audits on a regular basis, or request immediate inventory of the networked PCs. Powerful data analysis, flexible reporting, and web publishing features. The hardware inventory includes complete SM BIOS information (detailed information about CPU, motherboard, BIOS, memory, etc.) and detailed information about the video system, network cards and hard drives. The software inventory includes installed software packages, NT Services, NT Event Log, installed software engines and ODBC drivers, environment variables, startup list, and statistic summary on multimedia, graphic, archive, and other file types. It is compatible with Windows 95, 98, Me, NT 4, 2000, XP, and Windows 2003. Alloy Discovery 5 helps to address the following concerns: 1. Installation and ConfigurationGet up to speed with the Quick Start Wizard. The new Quick Start Wizard gets you started with the Alloy Discovery, guiding you through the steps of discovering and auditing computers on your network.Active Directory integration. The Active Directory integration feature facilitates computer discovery.Windows Vista support. Windows Vista is now supported on both host and client machines.2. Enhanced audit methods and strategies A wide array of deployment scenarios:single and multi-domain networksworkgroup networksremote (WAN) sites and isolated networks (DMZ)standalone and non-networked computersOn-demand auditThe On-Demand Audit feature was greatly improved, resulting in ease of configuration, increased reliability and security, and enhanced usability. Now no client-side configuration is required. Using parallel processing, multiple computers can be audited simultaneously to minimize the audit time.Audit agents for Windows, Linux, and Mac OSIn addition to the On-Demand Audit you can implement the audit of your Windows, Linux, and Mac computers using login scripts and scheduled tasks using the new and improved audit agents.Portable auditThe Portable Audit enables you to deploy an audit package to a flash drive to audit standalone computers in walk-around mode. This method is useful to audit computers on locked-down network segments.Audit remote sites and collect audit snapshots by emailThe new Audit via E-mail feature allows you to configure the audit to send the snapshots by email to a designated address, where Alloy Discovery can automatically collect them from.3. Usability and flexibility improvements Computer groupsThe new group infrastructure was created. Now you can combine computers in groups that represent physical or logical subsets of your network, audit the combined computers with individual group settings, and analyze the audit data for these groups.User interfaceThe new Side Bar allows you to manage your groups.The new Computer Preview Pane provides a configuration summary for a computer currently selected in the Computer List or in the Side Bar.Computer managementNow you can easily open any computer in the Computer Management console or in Windows Explorer. The default configuration of External Tools now includes a profile for Remote Desktop Connection.4. Functionality improvements Inventory Analyzer for WindowsA number of new data items are now captured in audit snapshots: used disk space, data bus slots, Windows updates, events in the Directory Service, DNS Service and File Replication Service Event Logs, USB and PCI devices, etc.System environment variables now can be used in path-related command line options.Event log consolidationThe Event Log Consolidation feature has been improved by including a configurable filter which allows you to capture only events satisfying a combination of criteria.Audit Data ViewerCategorization of audit data in the Audit Data Viewer (former Audit Snapshot Viewer) is more comprehensive now.SMBIOS FilterThe SMBIOS Filter now supports wild cards for ease of configuration. Also, the default filters have been expanded to include additional items specific to newer systems. Major Features: 1. On-Demand Audit. Using the On-Demand Audit, you can remotely audit Windows workstations and servers for up-to-the-minute hardware and software information. There is no need to deploy the inventory agent or make any configuration changes on remote computers. The audit is carried out in real time, and the snapshots are delivered directly to the central repository. 2. Linux and Mac Inventory. With Alloy Discovery you can schedule the audit of Linux and Mac computers in the form of "cron" jobs. 3. Data Analysis. Flexible data filtering, grouping, and sorting enables you to conveniently analyze your inventory data. With the point-and-click interface of the advanced filter you can create complex filtering criteria to achieve the desired level of detail. 4. Web Publishing. This feature enables you to access your inventory data from the convenience of a web browser. You can export audit snapshots in the form of interactive, drill-down HTML pages, ready for publishing on your Intranet. Alloy Discovery™ includes a web report utility, which can be implemented as a scheduled task to regularly update and publish your inventory data. 5. External Tools. Simply select any record in the Computer List and launch an external application from a configurable menu. The external tool launcher will pass the name or the IP address of the selected computer into that application as a parameter. This way you can ping, open the Computer Management console, or initiate a remote management session with any computer on your list in just a couple of mouse clicks. 6. Snapshot Pruning. The configurable pruning feature automatically cleans the Computer List of redundant information resulting from computers no longer being audited. 7. Data Reporting. Just apply the necessary filtering or grouping rules to any data grid, and you can easily print out the entire contents of the grid as an on-the-fly report. 8. Data Export. Alloy Discovery can export all the details of your audit snapshots to XML. You can then easily import the XML format into all types of databases, or integrate it with third-party tools. You can also export audit data in HTML, CSV, or Excel formats. 9. Quick and Flexible Deployment. Alloy Discovery offers multiple configuration options for its audit agents to support a wide array of deployment scenarios:single and multi-domain networksworkgroup networksremote (WAN) sites and isolated networks (DMZ)standalone and non-networked computersRequirements: WindowsWareSeeker Editor

Alloy Network Inventory 4.1 is a comprehensive ...

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