1-2-All Email Marketing v.4.80


1-2-All Email Marketing 4.80 brings users an extremely useful PHP/MySQL e-mail list manager providing full-featured message and template management through an easy-to-use web interface. It automates building and maintaining mailing lists by producing readymade HTML subscription forms for your web sites, and by handling double opt-in, unsubscribe options, and bounced mail management without any action on your part.You can even sync a mailing list with an external database. 1-2-All allows you to send personalized messages, timed autoresponders, and targeted messages to groups of subscribers within a single mailing list. Comprehensive graphical statistics allow you to monitor the success of your mailings in real time, including stats on the number of recipients who have opened a message, clicked through its links, and forwarded the message to a friend. 1-2-All is also fully rebrandable, allowing web hosts and other service providers to add value by offering low-maintenance email list management functionality to their customers.Major Features:Complete Email Marketing Solution: From simple campaigns & auto responders to targeted and timed campaigns with split testing - 1-2-All email marketing can accomplish all of your email marketing needs with ease. Powerful Auto Responders: Setup any number of auto responders. Have certain mailings be sent after a subscriber subscribes and then additional campaigns at timed intervals (such as 24 hours later, 2 months after that, etc..) Even target these mailings to certain demographics or subscriber details. Unlimited Lists & Subscribers: Our software does not limit the number of mailing lists or subscribers that you can have. Manage multiple lists with any number of subscribers all from a single installation of our email marketing software. List Segmenting: Create list segments to send targeted campaigns to. You can create a segment for people in a certain age range and location. You can even create segments based on previous actions of a subscriber. Such as creating a segment for all subscribers who clicked on a particular link in the past or forwarded a mailing to a friend. Then use these segments to send highly targeted campaigns. Private Label & Rebrand: Easily change the logo, name of software, and brand the script to your company. There is a even a page within the software to do most of the branding without any PHP or any programming knowledge needed. More advanced users can open up the Smarty Template files and/or the CSS style files and fully brand/customize the product to fit their design and needs. You can even easily remove references to ActiveCampaign & 1-2-All! This allows you to resell 1-2-All as a product and/or as a service. Subscriber Actions: Subscriber actions allow you to set certain things to happen when a subscription or un subscription occurs, a link is clicked, a campaign read, etca... You can setup subscriber actions to update subscriber info, perform subscription tasks, send campaigns, and more! Each set of actions can be for any campaigns in a specific list or just for a specific campaign in a specific list.

1-2-All Email Marketing 4.80 brings users an ...

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