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Kryptel – Best Encryption Software To Protect Your Data
Introduction To Kryptel
There will be many people who have lot of sensitive and important data files stored in the hard disk of their computer and are looking at various ways to protect their sensitive data. It is important for you to know that encryption is the process by which you will be able to easily protect your data and the best encryption software tool that is available these days is the Kryptel software. So, if you find it difficult to afford a crypto expert to safeguard your sensitive files and other important files on your computer, then you can always turn to Kryptel encryption software tool to safeguard your important data. Even though the Kryptel software is complex software because of its encryption feature, it does not men that you need to be an expert to use the software. The software is easy for a novice user to operate and all you need to do is to right click the file or the folder and select the “encrypt” button and all your files and folders will be instantly encrypted at the blink of your eye. You also have the option of decrypting some files or folders using the Kryptel software.

Salient Features Of Kryptel Software
Kryptel's principal user interface lists encryption and decryption choices, along with backing and settings on the left-hand side of the window. Merged with the alternatives are connections that provide users assistance along the path. The program as well provides drag-and-drop functionality, and access thru your context menu .Kryptel Browser is an Explorer-like instrument, which allows you to easily surf or change a Kryptel container and look at the files it holds. One of the most important characteristics of this software package is the failure immune feature. Kryptel creates every conceivable endeavor to make sure the vital user files are secure. Even if the computer goes down in the midst of encryption stride, no information will be misplaced. To establish encryption even more dependable, Kryptel executes a substantiation step after every process to warrant that the just produced encrypted container can be with success decrypted. And if an encrypted container gets clouded because of computer hardware failure, Kryptel Data Recovery feeds you a fine opportunity to acquire your information back.

Strong encryption is the solitary method to shield information, and this is precisely what Kryptel supplies. It enforces the cutting-edge NIST-approved Advanced Encryption Standard; a lot more well-reputed encrypts are besides acquirable for advanced users. And of course, there is no “backdoor” or “passkey”. Kryptel attaches to a lot of encoding alternatives, like Blowfish, AES, and DES, also a binary key source. Encoding a data file or a folder is more often than not required, but Kryptel can do a great deal more. You will be able to apprize Kryptel to glance over your hard drive and cipher every MS Word file it detects. And what’s more, you cipher the complete set of files with barely a single computer mouse click. Encrypted backups are another courteous Kryptel characteristic for dependable information storage. Cheers to solid encryption, Kryptel backup files could be stacked away anyplace – burned to a videodisk, actuated to local area network storehouse, or even directed to a remote common server. Kryptel amply backs batch mode encoding, including server-side action without any background available. A small typewriting fault in the encoding password could contribute to hours of crucifying estimating game. The Kryptel’s state-of-art password dialog simplifies password inscribing and makes typing mistakes more farfetched to befall. Kryptel defends portable facility and can be made to function from a flash stick or a USB hard drive. You will be able to carry Kryptel with you anywhere you go.

Kryptel Encryption software tool is the best and the fastest encryption tool available today. All you need to do is to right click any folder or file and click the encrypt option and with a password keyed in, all your files will be encrypted in a zap. There are lots of features that will help both the novice as well as the expert users.

The software will take sometime when it encrypts very large folders.  It is not so easy to navigate through the settings panel for novice users and the thirty day trail period offered by software will be perfect for mastering the setting panel operation.

With user friendly and intuitive interface and a host of encryption and decryption features, Kryptel software is an all-inclusive program that will help you to protect your important files and folders very easily.

Publisher's Description

Anything can be stolen, and computer data is not an exception. While it is very hard to make theft impossible, it is much simpler to make it useless. Encryption guarantees that even if the hacker managed to steal your data, it will not do him any good. Good encryption software is a must wherever there are any data worth protection, and if you do need to protect your data, Kryptel is what you are after. It is an easy-to-use no-hassle solution even a new computer user will be comfortable with. You want to encrypt a filenull Just drag it to the Kryptel icon, and Kryptel will do the rest. But easy-to-use does not mean insecure. Kryptel is serious encryption software based on strong cryptography algorithms. It includes several top-grade ciphers including Advanced Encryption Standard, and follows DoD recommendations for secure data deletion. Even if encrypting the file took only one mouse click, the file is secure. More experienced users can perform more complex tasks using advanced Kryptel features such as encrypted backups and encrypted filesets. Kryptel can search, filter, and encrypt huge sets of files with just one mouse click. Fully featured command line interface lets user create batch files to be used in automated data processing. All in all, Kryptel is an excellent choice for file encryption and encrypted data backup. Free unlimited trial is available at

Professional strong encryption software. Good encryption software is a must wherever there are any data worth protection. Kryptel is serious encryption software based on strong cryptography. It uses top-grade ciphers and follows DoD recommendations for secure data deletion.

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  • Kryptel
  • 6.31
  • 26 Sep 13
  • Inv Softworks LLC
  • WinXP, WinVista, WinVista x64, Win7 x32, Win7 x64, Win2000, Windows2000, Windows2003, WinServer, Windows Vista, Win98, WinME, WinNT 4.x, Win95
  • Shareware
  • 13.22 Mb
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  • $29.95
Latest Versions History
Version Date Released Release Notes
6.2.2 24.04.2012 This is a maintenance release fixing two bugs: - The shredder displayed the error "Invalid filename..." when the length of the folder path happened to exceed 260 characters. - Kryptel Browser crashed when an object deletion followed a filtering operation.
6.2.1 28.03.2012 A maintenance release fixing a few non-critical bugs: - a password dialog issue when processing a group of legacy files, - an issue with leftover icons of processed files, - a few lesser fixes.
6.04 27.01.2011 - Full integration with Total Commander. - Major bug fixed: Kryptel Browser hanged opening a folder with many ZIP files. - Major bug fixed: crash during processing of large file sets. - Kryptel Browser now starts much faster. - Many minor bug fixes here and there.

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