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CopyWrite is a project manager for writers of all kinds. Rather than focus on formatting and layout, CopyWrite stands apart in its project-oriented approach. Word processors and page layout tools are good at what they do - formatting and layout - but they offer no help at all to a writer during the creative process. In fact, the gee-whiz features crammed into these tools do more to hinder writers, getting in the way of their work flow. Put simply, these tools constipate writers, CopyWrite is like a tasty bran muffin with extra bran. Instant Information CopyWrites unique interface keeps the information you want front-and-center, and can hide the rest. Use the project browser to browse, organize, and manage the documents in your project. Its search and filtering controls help you find what you want in an instant. Type in a search string and CopyWrite lists the matching documents, filtering the rest. Click a category using the category filter controls and only documents in that category appear. Combine the two and with a few clicks and key-presses, for instance, and you can find all chapters containing the name "Bob". Its easy and its instant - just what a writer needs when scrabbling for details on a whim. Notable Differences Before CopyWrite, you had two choices. Switch between two windows - your chapter and its notes - or place your notes right in your prose. Both approaches are clunky and decidedly un-Mac-like. CopyWrites Notes Drawer keeps notes for each document where they belong - right beside the document to which they belong. Open your document and open the Notes Drawer and no matter where you are in your document, your notes stay put. Its a simple idea, yes, but a good one! Features: Simple, consistent editor Handy notes drawer Full-screen editor Version control Automatic project backup Easy project export

CopyWrite is a project manager for writers of ...

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  • Write Better
  • 1.0
  • Bartas Technologies
  • Windows XP, 2000, 98, Me, NT
  • Shareware
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