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Based on principles of accounting, manages personal or family finances.WidenHome is a software, which is based on principles of accounting, manages personal or Family finances professionally.Accounting method is a type of scientific system required by any organizations. It is a type of rules and regulations, accumulated in practice by human being gradually. Financial Statement in an organization is just like the Dashboard of an AutoMobile, through which we can monitor operational state and potential issues intuitively in each link of the organization. Could a person or a family manage its finances scientifically by accounting method? Definitely yes, moreover it is a significative thing that is worth having a try.Keep accounts by scientific method* Double entry bookkeeping* Provide common and professional interface to keep accounts* Easy to find and modify journals whenever you have inputFlexible Subject Structure* Group subjects on demand* No limitation for subject levels* Very flexible user experience by seletor mappingEasy to Create financial plan* Keep accounts for you automatically* Create monthly budget in a simplest way* Track actual result according to budgetThorough Analysis & Reports* Curve graph for every subject* Monitor financial status in dashboard at any time* A series of professional financial reports

Based on principles of accounting, manages ...

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