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Master the Stock Market with Trade Strategist Trade Strategist allows you to take control of the stock market, by designing and testing trading strategies. With more than 90 built-in functions and indicators that can be combined together in an almost infinite variety of ways, Trade Strategist helps you to distinguish the science from the superstition when it comes to the stock market. Harness Technical Analysis Trade Strategist belongs to a field of finance called Technical Analysis, in which trading decisions are based on measurable quantities, rather than the emotions or psychology of the trader. A technical trader makes use of charts and indicators that derive from price and other data to decide when to buy or sell stock. Whether you are a seasoned veteran of Technical Analysis, or have never heard the term before, Trade Strategist has something to offer. For the experienced trader, it is a powerful yet easy to use tool. For the beginner, it is a great way to learn Technical Analysis, and improve your skills. Because you can develop and test trading strategies before you use them, it can end up saving you a lot of money " you learn what does and doesnt work without getting your feet wet. It is a bit like paper trading at high speed! Create Your Own Indicators With more than 90 built-in functions and indicators, Trade Strategist provides a rich tapesty with which to work. But you are not restricted to just these basic functions, because you can combine them in almost any way you can think of. And if you are a power user, with some Cocoa programming experience, you can use the Software Development Kit (SDK) to write plugins that incorporate your own indicators into Trade Strategist.

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