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Track Your Trades® simplifies preparation of your tax return by generating aSchedule D (Capital Gains and Losses) tax report. Wash sale reporting isautomatically included; however, you have the opportunity to turn it off if you chooseto not display wash sales. Likewise, option trades are included, but you cansuppress them via a filter. Schedule D (and Schedule D-1 if applicable) can beviewed or printed at your convenience, or exported to TurboTax, TaxCut, or Excel.Track Your Trades is also a streamlined method of accurately tracking your stock,option, and mutual fund transactions. Its simplicity, speed, and compactnessappeal to traders and investors who want convenience when managing their trades.Trades are easily entered (either manually or via import) and retrieved at yourconvenience from your PC or laptop. Note: the import function does not currentlysupport option trades or trades of stock triggered by exercise of an option. However,such trades can be entered manually.Track Your Trades will help you strategically plan your income tax return so you canpotentially lower or avoid capital gains taxes. If you wish to incorporate strategic taxselling into your tax planning, Track Your Trades is the perfect tool for findingtax-loss candidates. A What-If wizard helps you see a trade outcome beforehand. Also, a "Show open positions" report enables you to see whether the shares youown are eligible for the lower long-term capital gains tax, and if so, how manyshares qualify as long-term.Consulting services such as data entry, user training, and Schedule D preparationmay be purchased separately. Please contact us for pricing and additionalinformation.Featured highlights of Track Your Trades are: Produces an IRS Schedule D report, complete with wash sales Capital gain/loss data (Schedule D) exports to TurboTax, TaxCut, & Excel Includes a "What-if" wizard to reveal outcome of a hypothetical trade Allows importing of stocks and mutual funds from your online broker Allows filtering of reports by date, activity, and equity type Organizes shares according to long-term & short-term capital gains Supports both FIFO and Specific Shares methods for deciding cost basis Allows security protection of data via optional password feature Allows entry and tracking of stocks, options, and mutual funds Allows entry of 'short sell' trades as well as conventional buy trades Automatically calculates cost basis each time you 'sell' or 'buy to cover' View trades by company, date, or date range Unlimited trades! No restriction on the number of trades you may enter FREE lifetime upgrades! Purchase only once, no hidden charges! 30-Day Money Back Guarantee! Calculates weighted share price for partial fills or multiple trades Color coding shows profits in green and losses in red Shows your open positions (stocks you currently own) & average price Calculates portfolio value and trading performance (rate of return) Allows adjustment for stock split Data file easily exports to Excel, Lotus 1-2-3, or other spreadsheets

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