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Altova SchemaAgent 2007 is the compelling new paradigm for modeling and managing advanced schemas and their networked components. Visualize XML Schema relationships and construct complex schemas from distributed schema elements via its graphical design interface. In addition to viewing XML Schema files, you can also see dependent XML instance documents and Altova MapForce data mapping projects. Control your schema assets with SchemaAgent today. One of the most compelling aspects of the XML Schema standard is the ability to construct complex schemas of multiple, smaller schemas using xs:import, xs:include, and xs:redefine statements. This modular approach to schema design promotes the development of schema components upon which organizations can standardize to increase consistency and reduce redundant development efforts. Despite these advantages, the process of aggregating schemas can become extremely complex and error-prone when the number of schemas involved is large and when multiple users work with the schemas in a team environment. Management of an organization???s overall information architecture depends on the ability to easily view the XML Schemas in use and their relationships and connections to other schemas and related files. Altova has created the unique SchemaAgent 2007 to help developers and information architects visualize, combine, and control their schemas in an intuitive, standards-conformant manner. SchemaAgent 2007 is a graphical schema administration tool that allows you to view and manage a collection of schemas as a pool of resources. SchemaAgent also creates a graphical representation of the relationships between XML Schemas, XML instance documents, and MapForce mapping projects, allowing you to understand connections and interdependencies across a project, a network, or an entire enterprise.

Altova SchemaAgent 2007 is the compelling new ...

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