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Winner of Best Business Application Award, and the People's Choice, Best Business Application Award at the Shareware Industry Conference Awards. Pay by any pay period; hourly, salaried, commissioned, non-employee workers; prints Checks, 941, W2s, 1099-MISC forms and reports galore! Built-in data backup and restore with file compression. You can pay an employee in as little as three clicks of the mouse! Password protection. Over 30 years of experience make this the most user friendly and easiest to use payroll ever. No accounting knowledge is required to be performing your own payroll in minutes. Easy to follow on-line tutors take you by the hand showing you exactly what to do. It comes with the Federal and State tax tables included and you can actually edit them yourself. And the report center has reports galore! You will find in the report center: - Portrait and Landscape employee reports - Employer's totals report - Cost accounting reports - Check printing - Check register - Wage reports for Month, Quarter and Year to Date - Tax liability report - Actually prints a real 941 form report - Print W2 Forms and 1099-MISC forms for non-employee workers - Payroll history reports - Employee mailing labels, lists and pay envelope labels - Even exports for GL importing and other programs like QuickBooks. PayWindow Payroll System, none is easier to use!

User friendly & easiest to use payroll ever! Pay by any pay period; hourly, salaried, commissioned, non-employee workers; prints Checks, 941, W2s, 1099-MISC forms and reports galore! Over 30 years of experience make this the most user friendly and easiest to use payroll ever. 2008 SIC Winner!

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  • PayWindow Payroll System
  • 17.0.17
  • 16 Jul 19
  • ZPAY Payroll Systems, Inc.
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Latest Versions History
Version Date Released Release Notes
17.0.17 16.07.2019 Fix for QIF export for broken address, this happens when street line 1; Fix for check number not adding/placed due to Alphabetic sort issue; Fixed reporting year in 941 Form issue. reporting year in 941 Form issue.
17.0.15 15.05.2019 This is the 2019 version of PayWindow that has the 2019 forms and tax tables.
16.0.23 05.09.2018 This is an important update as our servers were updated with a Secure Server Certificate and it broke the update checker as well as links to the support forums. please go to our download page an install it or use the link shown on this site.
16.0.21 25.07.2018 This is a major release making it full Windows 10 Compatible.
13.0.15 03.08.2015 PayWindow was crashing when the idle time disconnected and a user started using at the same time of the timeout. This was fixed.
13.0.14 03.07.2015 Build 13.0.13 had a date bug injected where if you opened an employee to edit, it would change their date of birth to 06/11/14. This was fixed. Fix for Close Window error. This bug is strange as it not happen all the time. This was fixed.
13.0.12 29.05.2015 Now saves a file creation time as well as the creation date when creating ACH file. Our data entry tools were updated by the vendor we used and those updates are now in PayWindow.
13.0.9 28.02.2015 The 2015 941 Form was released by the IRS and added to PayWindow.
13.0.11 27.02.2015 With the students and other employees that can claim exempt from Federal Income Tax, we had to recode a number of the reports to report the Taxable FIT Wages. The report is the Taxable Wages for the Quarterly Wages. The forms are the 941, 944, W2 and W3.
13.0.2 01.01.2015 Now includes the 2015 Federal and state tax tables. Fixed a problem with the W3 Form where the email block was printing the FAX number.Fixed a problem where the SDI override radio buttons were not working properly in the company settings. Fixed a problem with the idle time feature causing a crash.
13.0.0 01.12.2014 This is the new 2015 Release of PayWindow!
12.0.19 23.10.2014 Fixed a very rare gdiplus.dll problem that would pop up the bug report when the mouse passed over the title bar and menu items on a few computers.
12.0.18 16.05.2014 Some recent Windows update caused a problem where our Download Assistant tool called by the Program Updater was not completely shutting down. It was blocking the installer from replacing it. We now call that tool from our website and not on the local computer.
12.0.13 16.04.2014 Problem grabbing the date on all but one report under Miscellaneous Reports and also Yearly Reports > 1099-Misc Forms > 1099-MISC Totals; PDF has compression, encryption; There is BMP export for sending the report as image; 4 decimal places for SDI taxes for Oregon; Backup now has 'Closes' program.
12.0.11 10.02.2014 The 2014 941 Form and 941 Schedule B Form was released by the IRS and added to the program. A number of other enhancements have also been added.
12.0.9 10.01.2014 The Date Range Selection tool in the Custom Report Tool broke. This was fixed.
12.0.0 01.12.2013 This is the new 2014 release of the PayWindow Payroll System.
11.0.27 01.11.2013 We added the 6 Miscellaneous Deductions and a few other items to the Custom Reports. We fixed a problem with Miscellaneous Deductions 5 and 6 that were not working properly if checked as exempt from SDI tax.
11.0.25 11.09.2013 It was reported that if using the calculator to calculate commission due, when clocking the calculator it only saved it to the left most column and would only populate the middle column if you pressed the tab key or used the mouse to select another data item. This has been fixed.
11.0.22 22.06.2013 Update Checker fixes... Added connection code error when showing not connected. Added Proxy connection detection (if not directly connected to Internet), for users who do not have full connection). Internet errors when downloading. This now tries twice (due to firewall restrictions).
11.0.21 18.05.2013 Added option to select the old and the new NACHA format for bank software as many are still using the old format.
11.0.19 08.05.2013 Changes include display of SSAN format options on checks, theming, NACHA format tfor new bank software, some edit control problems, code fix for additional Medicare withholding and more.
11.0.13 13.03.2013 The 2013 941 Form was released by the IRS and it was added to this release supporting the new Medicare additional tax for high wage earners.
11.0.5 04.01.2013 Important update to fix W2 printing where 3-up and 4-up were printing multiple forms per employee.
11.0.0 01.12.2012 This is the annual release of the PayWindow Payroll System for 2013. It includes the 2012 tax tables until January 1st when the update checker will download and install the 2013 tax tables.
10.0.25 24.09.2012 Fixed a problem with the printing routines that would cause an exception error when deleting a page.
9.0.4 01.01.2011 Updated to support the new FICA Tax split to be ready for January 1, 2011 when the Employee Rate will be reduced to 4.2% while the Employer Rate will remain at 6.2%. A number of reports were updated to reflect this new tax split. 2011 Tax Tables are included in this release too.

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