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PATools Cheque Merge is a MicrosoftdlT« ExceldlT« spreadsheet that allows you to print your standard UK blank cheques from your cheque books - just tear them out and print.It should save you time and boredom, plus improve accuracy when you have a significant number to write out.Tear out your blank cheques, flip through to ensure they do not stick together in the printer, and then use a normal printer (so long as the guides can be set small enough) together with this spreadsheet.Simply enter in a list of payees, amounts in numbers and the cheque dates and hit 'Run'.Note: The template supplied should work for most standard cheques without alteration, but the sheet is left unprotected so you can modify borders, fonts, column widths etc to make it work for your cheques and printer. (Oh yes, and if you foul it up, just download a new version again here!)'Rules' for use - break these and it will not work properly! * Do not change the names of the 2 worksheets - Details and Template * The Details sheet must not be changed from Rows 1 to 9 incl * The Details sheet from Row 10 must contain each cheque date, payee and amount in that order * The Template sheet should only have formatting changed if necessary (as described above); do not change the content

PATools Cheque Merge is a MicrosoftdlT« ExceldlT« spreadsheet that allows you to print your standard UK blank cheques from your cheque books - just tear them out and print.

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