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Get Complete Hotel Solutions At Your Fingertips With Hotel Software
Introduction To Hotel Software
Hotel Software is a comprehensive Windows based application program employed by business organizations to mechanize their every day functioning like room reservations, bookings, check in time or checkout time. Hotel software package is prepared for appropriate functions of the following cases of accommodation like Hotels, Guesthouses, University accommodation letting, bungalows, Villas, Cabins, or any other room reservation which is to be handled on a regular basis. The software is configured to assist decision maker or manipulator to go after every check in or checkout position with barely a computer mouse click. Hotel software tool's management arrangement assists you to gain profit as it economizes working time and serve to render more adept management for room booking and reservation arrangement. The software can be employed to supervise day-to-day proceedings of a hotel, which includes booking billing, eating place charge, check-in, checkout and an accomplished accounting module. Hotel software is the innovative answer which has complete ambit of intermingled modules to address every subprogram of Hotel management. Hotel software is uncomplicated and executes hardest computation in just one click so that it is extensively recognized globally owing to its state-of-art technology and highly easy to employ nature. Hotel software is established on graphical user interface so that even a non-technical individual or operator can easily operate this software.

Salient Features
All the regular routine operations in the hotel can be easily handle by this sophisticated Hotel Software. You will be able to easily manage the booking check in and checkout operations of your hotel room reservations in an effective and trouble free manner with the help of the Hotel Software. You will be able to record detailed information of the customer booking, when a client checks in and also when he or she checks out in your computer very easily. You will be able to easily maintain the customer database with the help of the Hotel Software. The details like the customer’s name, address, contact number, room allotted to the customer, mode of payment, advance payment if any and regular updates of the room service bill as well as other hotel services utilized by the customer will be immediately flashed and recorded into the customer details. The software provides the hotel keeper with the option of adding a new customer, editing customer details as well as saving all the keyed in details of the customer inside the software. Moreover, the software will help you to convert the information about the customers to text file or MS Word or MS Excel files or any other popular editing programs that will help for future reference. You will also be able to take print outs of the customer details like check in receipts, customer check out details, individual customer bills, booking receipts and so on to provide a copy to the users. Moreover, you also have the option o getting many different types of reports from the software like check in and check out details, restaurant billing details, booking reports and so on either on a weekly, monthly, hourly, daily or yearly basis. The admin will be provided with the option of fully accessing the information stored in the software and the users will not be able to carry out any type of alterations to the admin accounts. The hotel booking and the reservation system handling will turn out to be a very easy job with the help of the Hotel Software. You also have the option of adding laundry, phone bill, massage center bill and so on to the room account of individual client with the help of the software. You will be able to print out a bill or your customer in a few seconds while he or she is checking out of the hotel.

• Comprehensive hotel management system that helps in booking rooms for your customers very easily.
• Well equipped to create reports and invoices quickly and effectively.
• Bill processing time is greatly reduced and you will be able to take print out of customer’s bill in a jiffy.
• All details of the customer can be stored inside your front desk computer and can be easily recalled with a few mouse clicks.

If you are on the lookout for a god hotel management and reservation software that will help in maintain customer records, track all the check in and checkout status instantly, will help in easily carry out room booking and reservation, provide you with day to day reports and so on, then there is no better software available than the Hotel Software.

Publisher's Description

Hotel Software is versatile application designed with several features to operate day to day activities of Hotel including booking, check in and check out. Hotel Software provides functionality to generate various kinds of reports like booking reports, check in reports and check out reports based on year, month, week or hour. Hotel Software is adapted program proficiently executes in Windows XP, ME, Vista, 7 and later. Hotel Software offers smart and perfect solutions to hotel users, restaurant customers and resort consumers for performing functions like booking, check in and check out in a very effective manner.

Functions of Hotel Software

1. Accurately handles hotel routine operations.

Hotel Software controls booking check in and check out functions carried out in hotel in a precise manner. You can maintain a record of customer booking, check in and check out time to time.

2. Manages room and customer database.

Using Hotel Software, you can add new customer, edit existing customer details, save current customer details including customer name, customer address, customer contact no, customer allotted room, payment details etc into a database. Similarly, you can append, modify or store room information like room number, room charge, room type etc.

3. Print receipts.

Hotel Software is designed to print booking receipts, consumer check in receipts and customer check out receipts to provide a hard copy to users.

4. Export data to Word and Excel.

With Hotel Software, you can export customer and room information like customer name, room no etc to MS Word, MS Excel, Text file and other editing programs to maintain future record.

5. Create booking reports.

Hotel Software is employed to generate & print check in, check out and booking reports on weekly, hourly, monthly, yearly basis.

6. Maintain admin and user accounts

Admin can access all information whereas user cannot modify admin accounts.

Hotel Software to manage Hotel Front Desk. Hotel Software is versatile application designed with several features to operate day to day activities of Hotel including booking, check in and check out. Generate various kinds of reports like booking reports, check in reports and check out reports ...

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Latest Versions History
Version Date Released Release Notes
5.1 01.04.2012 Ideal alternate for manually tracking customers & Room Management.

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