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Use the retirement Forecaster to help you have an excellent retirement. Plan your retirement spending to make sure your wealth provides for your desired life style, and for your heirs. Forecaster takes your assumptions about earnings, inflation and taxes along with your present financial situation and calculates year-by-year changes to your net worth and living expenses. You can see the yearly cash flow projections for your retirement years, and see your estate plan results. A Monte Carlo simulation capability lets you specify standard deviations for ROI and COLA to calculate the probability of reaching your goal for the final total estate value. Forecaster lets you work with many different forecasts, and save them in different files. You can try different "what-if" scenarios to find the retirement plan that is best for you. Financial planners, investment firm representatives, and registered representatives of brokerage firms can create and maintain forecasts for their clients. These forecasts can be used as additional material for client meetings, as references for planning sessions, and as printed documentation to send to clients. Features Easy to use outline presentation of all elements in your financial situation. You can specify as many people, trusts, and accounts as required to accurately define your financial situation. Your specified yearly retirement living expense is increased each year by the inflation factor you specify. Monte Carlo simulation calulation produces histogram chart and probability tables for results by following the plan instructions. Your retirement living expense money is taken from your liquid accounts according to the best strategy: first from tax normal accounts, then from conventional IRAs, last from Roth IRAs. Your investment account balances are increased each year by the rate of return you specify. Your tax normal accounts have all appropriate taxes subtracted from yearly balances.

Use the retirement Forecaster to help you have ...

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