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BlueIntegrator is free cutting-edge integration and automation software, conceptually very similar to Microsoft BizTalk(R) but we would suggest it is significantly easier to use and more flexible in a number of areas. And when we say free, we mean free forever, not just for a trial period.BlueIntegrator enables you to connect disparate systems, applications and business entities, and automate rules and workflows upon them. For example you can connect your customers, suppliers and back-end systems to fully automate an order processing scenario. Once connected, the overall value of your IT infrastructure becomes much greater than the sum of the parts, and real cost savings and service improvements can generally be identified.BlueIntegrator gets your enterprise talking, and helps you flexibly manage and monitor your business processes - it can truly help you achieve a Service Oriented Architecture. Support for XML and Web Services is strong, but BlueIntegrator also provides extensive functionality to get your legacy applications communicating - format support includes AS2, EDI, and HL7.BlueIntegrator leverages the Microsoft Windows Workflow Foundation(R) to provide you with an intuitive, flexible and extensible workflow model and design environment for automating your business processes and system interactions. Graphical schema design, data mapping, and forms design modules allow you to easily configure the solution to your requirements, whilst support for Outlook and SharePoint integration provides extra convenience for your users. A unified development and administration interface allows for easy configuration, deployment and management across the network with fault-tolerance as standard.An extensive array of transport providers and data conversion functions are supplied out-of-the-box, and BlueIntegrator also includes Microsoft Visual Studio for Applications(R) to provide ultimate flexibility where customization is required, for example in the case of advanced workflows. FeaturesMessaging : * An intuitive integrated schema designer * Support for Xml, Positional, Delimited, Binary, EDI, HL/7 (v2.x and v3.0) and Database Record Messages * Hierarchical port structure maximizes logic reusability * Flexible message-context model allows extra data to be attached to messages * XPath filtering * Powerful and flexible routing logic * Duplicate message detection * Support for redundancy and operation over multiple servers * Receipt / guaranteed delivery support * Automatic archiving options * Enveloping and batching (de-enveloping) support * Certificate based security options * Optional compression / decompression * Strong or weak document typing as required * Multi-level Undo support in the schema designerTransports : * File send / receive (local or network directory) * FTP send / receive (including SFTP/FTPS) * MSMQ send / receive (including receipt support) * Email send / receive (attachments or body) * Web service send / receive (with flexible parameter formats and transactioning support) * Shared queue send / receive * HTTP send / receive * Timer receive * Windows Communication Framework (WCF) send / receive * AS/2 send / receive * MLLP send / receive * Web site data capture using SmartsAutoWeb * Easily add user-defined transports and deploy them across the installation with a single clickMapping : * Class leading graphical map designer, allowing message transformations to be configured by drag and drop * Over 150 predefined functoids for you to use * Maps can have any number of parameters * Maps can be invoked automatically as required * Support for binary and non-parsed text formats * Microsoft Visual Studio for Applications(R) 2 (2008) is embedded for where custom logic is required, with full project support * Iteration and XSL/XPath support * Multi-level Undo support in the designer * Xml Data Island and full database support * Easily add user-defined map functions and deploy them across the installation with a single clickWorkflow : * Integrated Windows Workflow Foundation graphical designer * Support for all standard WWF shapes and constructs (including rules), plus Send, Receive, Map, Database, Expression and Web Service * BlueIntegrator functions can have any number of parameters and variables * Workflows can be instantiated multiple times with different Ports * Intellisense Xml help : design-time stongly typed schema support lets you work with messages intuitively and without scope * for runtime errors * Microsoft Visual Studio for Applications(R) 2 (2008) is embedded for where custom logic is required, with full project support * Support for correlation scenarios * Flexible tracing and debugging options * Multi-level Undo support in the designer * Xml Data Island support * Easily add user-defined workflow activities (or use imported WWF activities) and deploy them across the installation with a single clickBusiness Rules : * Integrated Business Rules Engine (BRE) as part of Windows Workflow Foundation * Support for the definition of flexible, reusable and maintainable business rules, with full inference and chaining, and customizable with Microsoft Visual Studio for Applications(R) 2 (2008) where required * Intellisense help at all stagesWeb Services : * Web service Messaging transport (fetch and send) * A Web Service Creation Wizard allows BlueIntegrator logic to be exposed as a Web or HTTP WCF Service * Workflows support calling out to Web ServicesSharePoint Integration : * Shared queues can be synchronized with SharePoint Lists * A form control can be used to view, edit and resubmit dataAdministration and Tracking : * BlueIntegrator can be installed and configured in minutes * Unified development and administration interface for easy configuration, deployment and management across the network * Integrated deployment control and differencing functionality * Open database format * Sophisticated error tracking with state storage and property search helps you get to the bottom of any issues quickly * Flexible Xml configuration import and export functionality * User track points can be used for Business Intelligence * High level RAG/dashboard view lets you view the system status and drill down to any problemsSecurity : * Optional certificate based encryption / signature security on Messages * Windows authentication for resource access * Windows / Domain groups are used for access controlArchitecture : * 100% 64-bit architecture * Mirroring and clustering support, designed for scalability and redundancy * Workflows and Ports can run on multiple servers, and there is no single point of failure * Each machine can run multiple logical servers * Centralised deployment * Works with one, two or three databases - Configuration, Message and Tracking repositories can be separated as required * Databases can be clustered if required for redundancy * Currently databases must be SQLServer 2005, SQLServer 2008or SQLExpress - future support for Oracle and MySQL. No need for a full SQLServer license! * Easy extensibility

BlueIntegrator is free cutting-edge ...

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