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Make Your Websites Interactive With Text Pipe Pro Software
Brief Introduction
Web developers require apportioning with surplus of disputes for forming their internet sites fascinating and interactive. Text positioning is a similar consequence that holds the developers bowling over, as competently composed and positioned textual matter assists in bringing forth traffic for the site. Therefore, in a bid to optimize your web-content, you are able to try out TextPipe Pro application program. It is a text processing application program that assists you in choosing a group of files, and later on enforcing different functions or filters to each file. Each filter supplied with the program accomplish processes, such as including textual matter to the left border, looking for and substituting texts, exchanging end of the line characters, and so on. TextPipe would save you time, defeat and money. It would furbish up text information, irrespective of the amount of alterations needed, the sizing or number of files, and the complexness of the translations.

Key Features
TextPipe Pro is a cogent text-processing utility program that fuses 270+ conversion, shift, extraction and report excavation functions on multiplex textbook or binary files. Update internet sites utilizing multi-line EasyPattern or Perl-style frequent expression explore and substitute and Unicode ascertain and substitute with figures. You will be able to control accurately where alterations come about by curbing modifications to line or column arrays, XML and hypertext mark-up language labels and attributes, CSV- or tab-delimited fields, lines that agree or don't mate with a design and combinations of these. This tool comprises of an extensive array of filters like for adding, erasing, sorting out, substituting and translating textual matter. Furthermore, it besides is able to execute a few basic jobs like changing over files between mainframe computer, UNIX, personal computer, and Macintosh formats. Complex working chores could be executed, without the user indulgence, by applying command-line automation and COM port.

Text Pipe is by far less expensive to study, apply, originate with and preserve than cobbling up multiplex generic tools and custom-made scripts to attain one end. Its matchless ability amounts from its armory of a hundred+ handling filters, its unparalleled architecture and its rattling flexibleness in blending these filters to accommodate each job. With this software you could produce your own changeovers, and deploy them for executing at remote web sites. A single mouse click blends files, even as big as 10GB, another click draws out e-mail addresses, and another mouse click classifies and gets rid of duplicates.

• Very fast and easy to use interface
• Executes multiple functions at the same time
• Extends the EasyPattern pattern agreeing language for those not acquainted with textual matter pattern matching
• Manages files of limitless size

TextPipe Pro substitutes a set of small text utility programs with the merged and convenient to apply graphical user interface. It simplifies the text-processing heavily, and is ascertained to be valuable for general-purpose users, web writers, computer programmers, and internet executives.

Publisher's Description

Slam-dunk the most challenging edit tasks with TextPipe Pro - a powerful text-processing utility that combines 270+ conversion, transformation, extraction and report mining operations on multiple text or binary files. Update web sites using multi-line EasyPattern or perl-style regular expression search and replace, and Unicode find and replace with patterns. Control precisely where changes occur by restricting changes to line or column ranges, XML and HTML tags and attributes, CSV- or tab-delimited fields, lines that match or do not match a pattern and combinations of these (e.g. find and replace just inside the ALT text of an IMG tag, or columns 20-40 of lines 1-10). Data mine mainframe reports, and convert foreign computer systems files between mainframe EBCDIC fixed-length formats and DOS, Macintosh and Unix line-feed formats.

Convert between Unicode formats and 150+ other text encodings such as Japanese Shift-JIS and Chinese BIG5. Filters can split or join files, add or remove lines or columns, remove blanks from the start or end of each line, remove blank lines, remove HTML tags, remove duplicate lines, add line numbers, sort, word wrap, convert between ASCII and EBCDIC, OEM and ANSI, Unicode and ANSI, remap ANSI (8 bit) or Unicode (16 bit or 32 bit) characters, extract email addresses and URLs, expand or contract tabs, remove binary characters, pad or truncate or force lines or fields to a set width, generate word lists and much more. TextPipe can be scripted or automated from the command-line. It even handles files LARGER than 2 GB. Generate and then modify XML, CSV, tab-delimited or fixed width database extracts. User-defined filters can be written in VBScript or JScript. TextPipe comes with an Engine that can be embedded in other applications. Audit logs keep track of the filter lists run, files modified and changes made. More than 200 example filter files are included along with a comprehensive online manual. Winner SIA "Best Application" award

Industrial strength text workbench. Fast text manipulation and data extraction. Update websites, database data and electronic text with pattern matching,convert DOS/Unix end of line characters, ASCII-EBCDIC,OEM-ANSI,add/remove lines/columns, sort,split, join, database extracts,VBScript ...

extract, mine, data mine, mining, report mining, mainframe, ebcdic, convert text, pipe delimited, tab delimited, comma delimited, code page, unicode conversion

  • TextPipe Pro
  • 9.9
  • 17 Mar 15
  • DataMystic
  • WinXP, WinVista, WinVista x64, Win7 x32, Win7 x64, Win2000, Windows2000, Windows2003, WinServer, Windows Vista, Win98, WinME, WinNT 3.x, WinNT 4.x, Win95, Windows Tablet PC Edition 2005, Windows Media Center Edition 2005
  • Shareware
  • 10.91 Mb
  • 896
  • $395.00
Latest Versions History
Version Date Released Release Notes
9.9 17.03.2015 * New Tools Menu item to search your filters for a piece of text. Perfect for finding filters in a large filter list. * New Replace options - replace (or skip) rest of folder. Great for websites and other hierarchical structures.
9.7.3 22.08.2014 BeyondCompare difference tool integration Removed warning about active COM objects. Sort function now much faster. Removed warning about active COM objects.
9.7 29.05.2014 New EasyPatterns for file handling. Improved Mainframe conversion, Much more!
9.6 01.01.2014 * Trial run area now shows output progressively - giving important feedback earlier in the filter development lifecycle. * Now shows '(more pending)' next to the file count if more files remain to be counted, so users aren't misled that only 1000 files will be processed.
9.5.3 29.08.2013 * When Utf8 Support is checked for replace filters, Unicode characters in the search for and replace with fields are now correctly converted to UTF-8 prior to being processed by the PCRE engine. * Clicking [Delete] on empty areas of the Files grid no longer causes errors.
9.5 04.07.2013 * EasyPatterns v2.8 - new keywords EBCDICletter, EBCDICupper, EBCDIClower, DayNameShort, DayNameLong, MonthNameShort, MonthNameLong, YearShort, YearLong, Float, Integer. * Mainframe copybook filter now copes with VALUES of ZERO/ZEROS/ZEROES, SPACE/SPACES and multiple comma-separated values
9.4 04.04.2013 * Matrix (parallel) search/replace for Exact replacements: - now much faster - 600,000 replacements against 8MB compressed .xlsx file in 31 seconds. * New filter to restrict processing to specified files within a compressed file. * Handles all PKZIP compressed file types
9.3 19.12.2012 * File grid now supports Unicode characters. * Support for Unicode pattern matches in the files grid (perl regex mode). * Split filter now allows Unicode filenames, and Unicode file break patterns. * Grep filters now allow Unicode patterns (when UTF-8 support mode is enabled).
9.2.2 06.09.2012 Fixed installer handling of x64 shell extension
9.2 12.08.2012 Performance improvements, mainframe copybook can now handle numerics only, new menus and filters, PCRE 8.30, Unicode 6.1.0
9.0 07.02.2012 Updated third-party zip DLL to improve Windows x64 support.

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