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Did you ever wish you could see everything inside a Lotus Notes database, and instantly fix any problems you encounter? scanEZ has over 100 tools to help you get a real grip on your Notes applications. If you're looking for an easier way to develop or administer Notes databases, then keep reading!Understand any Lotus Notes DatabaseYtria scanEZ makes the whole structure of a Notes database a lot easier to understand. It just makes it that much simpler to see and analyze the inner workings of a Notes database. * Full Access: Instantly see all the Notes property box content for your designs, documents, profiles, conflicts, and deletion stubs. Navigate within your database easily * Find & Group Docs: Find and create any group of designs, documents, profiles etc. to work on * Direct Data Changes: Copy and edit data in the Notes property box. Save time when you edit data in any number of documents, profiles, UNID, change replication ID etc * Conflict Solving Tool: Find conflicts, see the differences, & resolve them with a few clicks * Replication Tools: View the replication details before (and after) replicating a database * ACL Tool: In a single click get a flat view of a database's ACL. Export/import ACLs too * Diff & Compare Documents: See differences, compare, and make mass changes lightning fast! * And much more...Over 100 tools in scanEZInvestigate, Analyze and Resolve Issues at Lightning SpeedDo you ever get frustrated scrolling up and down to find a field in the tiny Notes property box? And then write an agent to make a simple document change? scanEZ lets you find and solve these issues right away, by selecting and editing the field(s) directly. It's the same for profile documents too.Easily Find any Document, and then Change them AllUse scanEZ's extensive search features to find any documents in a database that need fixing. Group, add, remove, intersect documents together for a set of documents that need a specific change. Then apply a mass modification to change them all at once.Search for Problem Lotus Notes DocumentsFind "special" documents that cannot be found using a formula. For example: find orphan documents, or documents with missing responses.Explore and Delete Deletion StubsUse the Deletion Stubs Explorer to sort through all your deletion stubs in a database, and then delete one or all your deletion stubs. scanEZ's search options can also perform a search in your deletion stubs.Comparing Lotus Notes DocumentsEasily compare any number of documents side by side. With a click show only the fields that are different. Also, easily compare field lists against each other.Bulk Updating (Mass document and field editing)Have to deal with a big number of documents? View the differences and make changes over any big number of documents, all at once (example: apply a formula on a field in over 1000 documents) without coding agents.Locate and Resolve Conflicts Instantly with scanEZIf you have many replication conflicts, it can take lots of time to compare documents/fields and to fix the conflicts manually. scanEZ automatically generates a list of conflicts, allowing you to narrow in to the conflict and resolve it in no time. Customers have said that scanEZ is more than worth its price just for this one feature! Why put yourself through all that work, when you can speed it all up with scanEZ.Understanding Lotus Notes and Domino ReplicationsIf you've ever wanted to know what's going to happen in a replication (or conversely what just replicated in a database); scanEZ can help you. The Replication Auditor and Post-Replication Auditor are just 2 more unique time-saving features that developers and administrators can now rely on. Clients mistakenly believed that this was a product by itself; when in fact it's just one of many tools already built in scanEZ.Flat View of ACLGet a flat view of the ACL for the current database. Expand the ACL groups, categorize, sort (by Name, Access etc.), and copy/paste ACLs between database. Manage roles too.Notes.ini EditorA built-in Notes.ini editor that makes changes "live" so that you do not need to restart the Notes Client whenever you make a change to it. Sort, edit, and quick search your notes.ini file.Extension DatabaseThis new add-on overcomes a Note API limitation and lets you open multiple documents from any Lotus Notes view in scanEZ--no agents required. The Extension Database also supports processing a list of web URLs and then opening the documents in scanEZ.scanEZ Keeps Growing, and Growing...Built using the Notes C++ API, scanEZ is an everyday, reliable and proven time saver used all over the world in small and Fortune 500 companies. Our users enjoy new features that are constantly added with every release. scanEZ keeps getting more powerful and innovative.Fixing Databases with the right Tool KitYour scanEZ makes it exceptionally easy to: * Browse any designs, documents, profiles, conflicts, deletion stubs in a database * Find problematic documents with an extensive set of search tools * Create custom groups of documents * Find, compare the differences between documents (and fields) * Edit (fix) any document(s) directly as you see them * See the replication results before and after you replicate databases * Fix save replication conflicts * See and edit the ACL * Debug databases * Control data integrity * Check security * Correct data * Control hidden data, find problem documents uwith over 100 database support features What Are Others Saying?Our clients, bloggers and reviewers love it. If you wish to see more reviews click here. You will find your Ytria scanEZ an irreplaceable tool for your Notes development and administration. It is unique, easy to use and feature-packed.

Did you ever wish you could see everything ...

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  • 8.0.1
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  • Win XP, 2003, 2000, Vista
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