My Visual Database v.1.48


Do you need a database application, in which there is no redundancy?

Now you can create it yourself, without the help of specialists and programming skills.

Create a full functional user interface in minutes without writing any code.

Using a powerful Report Designer, you can easily create your own report.

The result of your design will be full-fledged Windows application, ready to work on any computer.
My Visual Database allows several users to work with the same database simultaneously and allows you export to Excel.

Using My Visual Database you can create various databases, from minor telephone directory to complex systems.

If the built-in features are not enough, you can extend the functionality by using scripts.

You will be able to sell it, distribute it among colleagues and so on.
The application will be presented under your name and your logo.

Free for personal use.

Creation of databases without the skills. Do you need a database application, in which there is no redundancy? Now you can create it yourself, without the help of specialists and programming skills. Create a full functional user interface in minutes without writing any code.

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  • My Visual Database
  • 1.48
  • 19 Jan 15
  • Drive Software Company
  • WinXP, Win7 x32, Win7 x64, Win2000
  • Shareware
  • 4.21 Mb
  • 1564
  • $99.00
Latest Versions History
Version Date Released Release Notes
1.48 19.01.2015 - Changing database structure with no loss of data - Added function SQLQuery - Added property dbLimit for component TableGrid - Many other additions and corrections
1.47 24.11.2014 - Extended the functionality of the script editor - Added property NumbersOnly for component TextBox - Added property dbSQLExecute for component ComboBox - Added property CopyTo for component DBImage - Added ability to search on calculated fields - Many other additions and corrections
1.46 27.10.2014 - Added sound functions - Added function for for selecting folder - Added function for working with system registry - Available compiled variant of script file - Added property dbInitialDir for component DBFile - Added custom sorting for Report button - Fixed some errors
1.45 13.10.2014 - Added ability to select multiple components in the form designer - Added a new property CopyTo for DBFile component - Added many new features to the script - Other minor changes
1.44 24.09.2014 - Added OnChange event for TableGrid - Added function for script DaveFileFromDataBase - Added methods BeginUpdate and EndUpdate for TableGrid - Added ability to search by month and year in DataTimePicker - Added other functions for script - Finished several bugfixes
1.42 24.07.2014 - Added ability to create report without using SQL query - Improved navigation through forms for projects with large amount of forms - Added several new functions to the script
1.41 21.06.2014 - New functions added to the script - Added properties and methods of components - Bug fixes
1.40 20.05.2014 Scripts (Pascal syntax)
1.39 08.05.2014 Minor additions and bug fixes.
1.38 17.04.2014 - Footer (results) for table grid - Line numbering for table grid - Sort table grid
1.37 08.04.2014 - More convenient object inspector - Highlighting in SQL syntax - Other minor improvements
1.36 20.03.2014 - Saving in the database reference to the file or folder - Incremental (instant) search - Fixed some bugs
1.31 25.02.2014 - Input masks for TextBox - New property ReadOnly for TextBox and Memo - New filter for TextBox %s% - Automatic detection of links in a TextBox - Other minor improvements and bug fixes
1.30 12.02.2014 - calculated fields - expression editor for calculated fields, and SQL queries - new type of field: Real - search on grids (Ctrl+F) - other minor additions

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