Intelligencia Query for SQL 2005 v.3.0.23


Intelligencia Query delivers add-in functionality for Visual Studio that transforms the task of creating OLAP reports with Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services. State-of-the-art query tools are combined with a custom data extension that understands how OLAP reporting should work. With Intelligencia Query you get: * Queries are built the way that your report is to be displayed. There are no restrictions on where each dimension can be displayed or how many dimensions can appear on an axis. * Only the data required to fulfil your report is returned making IQ faster and more efficient than the default Reporting Services data extension. * Performance is further enhanced by providing techniques for building drilldown reports that only return drilled data as it is required. * The flexibility of the query builder dramtically reduces the need to "hand-crank" Mdx leading to better maintainability and reduced skill requirements. * Table and Matrix report items are supported allowing all types of reports to be created without having to resort to SQL queries via the Analysis Services ODBO interface. * Intelligencia Query support SAP BW and Congons TM1 in addition to all versions of SQL Server Analysis Services. Implemented using the Microsoft FluentTM user interface the query builder is simple to use but also provides a high level of functionality for advanced users including, for example, the ability to create asymmetric queries and parameterized reports. Unlike standard Reporting Services you create queries the way you wish to see them displayed, making the process intuitive and the Mdx generated more efficient. The custom data extension provided with IQ renders these queries directly to the matrix layout control without having to transform the data into a flattened rowset.Unique formatting and layout attribute allow you to build reports that are simply not possible with the standard functionality provided in Reporting Services.Intelligencia Query has been developed with the co-operation of well known Mdx guru Chris Webb.FeaturesIntelligencia Query solve a number of issues with the use of SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) and other OLAP databases when working in Microsoft Reporting Services. Problem Definition Solutionfeature Reporting Services will not allow you to place the measures dimension on the row axis and this therefore prevents the possibility of parameterizing reports on members in the measures dimension. Intelligencia Query treats the Measures dimension in the same way as any other dimension/hierarchy.feature Reporting Services is not able to interpret the role of any member regarding its formatting in a report. Intelligencia Query provides built-in attributes that indicate that a member is a total/subtotal. When used in conjunction with conditional formatting expressions this provides improved clarity and readability.feature Due to the field naming conventions in Reporting Services it is not possible to create a single report that allows users to select the members of a level within a hierarchy as a parameter. Intelligencia Query uses abstracted field naming which allows a single matrix control to be used for parameters that represent different levels within hierarchies.feature The Reporting Services query builder does not allow the selection of anything other than all members in Parent/Child dimensions. Intelligencia Query allows you to select any set of members irrespective of dimension type.feature Only SQL Server Analysis Services supports the use of MDX parameters. You cannot create parameterised reports for other providers (E.g. SAP BW) Intelligencia Query allows you to create single and multi-value parameterised reports for SAP BW as well as SSAS.productivity Reporting Services will allow only the Measures dimension to be placed on the column axis. This prevents the use of standard Mdx expressions. Intelligencia Query can process any Mdx expression into a Reporting Services report. You can use the IQ query builder to create Mdx queries or paste Mdx created in other applications.This encourages the re-use of Mdx and allows Mdx queries to be built where the structure of the returned cellset corresponds to the report output.productivity The Reporting Services query designer has very limited functionality for creating sets that represent a subset of the members of a hierarchy (For example the descendants of a single top level member). As a consequence most reports will require ohand crankingo of Mdx to obtain the correct subset of data, a process that is time-consuming and leads to maintenance problems when a report needs to be modified. Intelligencia Query provides rich functionality for selecting the sets of data to be used in a query. The user interface also encourages the creation of efficient Mdx.You build your query with just the data you want to extract laid out the way you want your report to look.Some examples of functionality offered by IQ that is not available in the Reporting Services designer are: * Select individual members, their children and descendants. * Order sets of members so that totals are displayed at the bottom of data groups. * Create asymmetric queries with multiple select clauses on the same axis.

Intelligencia Query delivers add-in ...

  • Intelligencia Query for SQL 2005
  • 3.0.23
  • it-workplace
  • Win XP, 2003, 2000, Vista
  • Shareware
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